Raven Tools: Run Keyword Research via Google Adwords Tool

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Being an advanced SEO toolset, Raven tools unite quite a few useful third-party services. One of such useful tools is Google Adwords keyword research tool that makes it easier for you to:

(1) Run keyword research without having to leave the dashboard;

(2) Easily add keywords to SERP tracker (to monitor how close to top rankings you are / become).

(3) Easily access keyword research tools you ran in the past.

Google Adwords keyword research tool hides behind RESEARCH tab:

Raven tools: Gogle keyword research tool

There you will be able to:

  • Provide up to 10 words;
  • Specify match type (Broad, phrase, exact).
  • Choose language (click “Tailor results to languages and countries” to access the option)

Raven tools: Gogle keyword research tool

The results page provides keywords that match your query. It also includes:

  • Known search volume (average and last month’s);
  • Advertiser competition for each keyword;
  • An option to add any phrase to SERPs tracker;
  • A check box that allows to add to SERPs tracker in bulk, export selected rows or hide selected rows:

Raven tools: Gogle keyword research tool

Ann Smarty
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Ann Smarty
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