Content Marketing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What Works

Content marketing can help you attract leads, win more sales, and grow your business.

But it isn’t just about churning out piece after piece of content.

You need to know the basics that make content marketing work and the best practices that will set you apart from the competition.

Search Engine Journal’s ebook, Content Marketing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What Works, covers the essentials that you need to know when implementing your own content marketing campaign.

Whether you’re struggling with your current content marketing efforts, or you’re just getting started, you need to read this.

Created in partnership with BKA Content, this guide will help you better understand why content marketing is valuable, what works, and how to make the most of your money and time investments.

Ready to learn how to create and promote awesome, useful, informative, educational, and inspirational content that will reach your audience at the right time?

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Content Marketing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What Works

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Read SEJ’s content marketing guide and learn

  1. What is content marketing? And, why does it matter?
  2. Content guidelines: Why your brand needs a style guide
  3. How content marketing has evolved
  4. How to scale your content creation needs
  5. The goals of content marketing
  6. Content marketing types case studies: How content marketing benefits companies
  7. Top 14 tools that will help you create better content
  8. 20 places to share your content
  9. How to integrate content marketing & SEO
  10. How to create an editorial calendar for content marketing in 5 easy steps

EXPERT AUTHORS INCLUDE: Vikas Agrawal, James Brockbank, Anna Crowe, Viola Eva, Danny Goodwin, Julia McCoy, Maddy Osman, Kevin Rowe, Brad Smith, and Shelley Walsh.