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Holistic Approach

From awareness to lead gen, or brand to product promotion, we’ll work with you on the best cadence and placements to help you reach your goals.

Dedicated Success Team

Some have called it “white glove service”. Your dedicated success manager will work with you on plans to reach your ideal customer and move them down your funnel.

Build Your Authority

You can capitalize on our authority in search marketing, and we’ll help position your brand as a thought leader in your space. And, we’ll use our expertise to guide you the whole way!

We are an authority in search marketing, cited by other top pubs, like Forbes and AdAge.

Our readers are loyal and engaged. They have an interest in tools and services to help them be successful.

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Activate our influence with our portfolio of advertising solutions. Drive measurable results and exceed your objectives by connecting your campaigns to innovative, performance-driven products.

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Advertising that Delivers Results

“This sponsored email was our top-performing email in Q1 24 when looking at leads. This email generated 10 leads from our target account lists, typically we see 1-2 per email from other publishers. SEJ continues to be our top-performing partner.”

“We loved SEJ’s powerful combination of being the bible of the global search industry and offering a great lead-generating format with the ebook download. We compared SEJ with other leading search publications and found SEJ to come out on top on all metrics including reach, traffic, thought leadership, advertising formats and value.”

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“For the past year, we have done several campaigns with SEJ, from webinars to takeovers to sponsored posts and emails! All these different solutions have proven effective for us in creating brand awareness, establishing thought leadership in our area of SEO enterprise expertise, generating leads, and just overall promoting our virtual online conference!”

Benefits of Advertising with Us

You get “white glove service” and us as a strategic partner
We are a trusted leaders, often cited by other leading pubs
Reach a highly targeted audience of search and marketing pros
Get your message seen by key decision-makers
Increase your brand visibility and credibility
Drive qualified traffic to your website or landing page
Generate high-quality leads and sales
Post-campaign analysis to help inform your future strategies
Borrow our traffic for your retargeting campaign using your ad pixels

Explore A Partnership With Us

We want to know more about you and how we can help you grow. Explore our audience, our products, and the kind of impact we can make for your brand. Get connected with our team and access our media kit below!

Learn about our audience, our products, and the kind of impact we can make for your brand.