PPC 101: A Complete Guide to PPC Marketing Basics

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PPC 101: A Complete Guide to PPC Marketing Basics


Want to own some of the most valuable real estate in the search engine results and drive lots of traffic, conversions, and sales?

The quickest way to do this is with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

PPC marketing – also known as search engine marketing (SEM) – is a form of online advertising that allows your business to appear above the organic search results.

Put simply: you bid to appear when people search for specific terms (a.k.a., keywords). And then every time your ad appears and someone clicks on it, you pay for each click.

Simple, right?

Well, not so much.

In fact, PPC marketing is incredibly complex today.

There’s a LOT you need to know before you get started creating ads and campaigns.


Well, for starters, it’s easy to blow for your budget if you don’t know what you’re doing.

While that’s great for the ad platforms, it’s terrible for your budget!

To truly be successful, you need to know:

  • Advertising formats: Text ads, Responsive text ads, Video ads, Image ads, Call-only ads, and so much more!
  • Ad networks: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Adroll, Gemini, etc.
  • Terms and acronyms: Quality Score? Ad Rank? CTR? ROAS? CPC?
  • And so much more!

Read Search Engine Journal’s PPC 101 guide and learn:

  • The definition of pay-per-click advertising and how paid search marketing works.
  • Why PPC is beneficial to advertisers and how they can develop a solid PPC strategy.
  • The important components and performance metrics of a PPC campaign.
  • Best practices for structuring campaigns and ad groups, budgeting, bidding, ad targeting, and so much more.
  • The top paid media experts you need to follow today.

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