Have Fun Comparing Google Suggest Results with Web Seer

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Have Fun Comparing Google Suggest Results with Web Seer

Google suggest can be both helpful and fun. It may save your time and give you an idea what other people are looking for when searching for similar words as you are.

Last week I discovered one fun web application that allows to compare Google Suggest results for two search queries: Web Seer

The tool allows to enter two search phrases and will display where Google Suggest results overlap for them. While the tool was mainly fun to use (not sure how many of us will actually use it often) but I did manage to come across some really cool examples:n

Compare two very close (in meaning) words:

[1200 calories – 1000 calories]

Web Seer

Compare two (almost) absolute synonyms:

This is usually about an acronym versus the full version, e.g. [DIY – do it yourself]

Web Seer: inspired

Comapre two antonyms or opposing terms:

[are conservatives – are republicans]

Webs seer

Get some link bait / content inspiration:

[Will she – Will he]

Web seer

Looks like some fun, doesn’t it? If you came up with some cool results, please share them in the comments!


Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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