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Google Algorithm Changes – Also Changing The Web Marketing Norms

Google Algorithm Changes – Also Changing The Web Marketing Norms

Challenging the ranks of Google, as far as its contribution in evolution of search engines in particular and evolution of the internet in general is concerned, is simply not a wise man’s choice. There are so many things that boost Google’s credibility to where it is today.

Google is engaged in an ongoing quest to improve the quality of search results. For this, it resorts to different measures, one of which is its monthly updates on critical changes that it deems beneficial when disseminated to public, such as changes in the ranking algorithm. According to reliable sources from Google itself, it is declared that Google makes about 500 of such changes in a given year. Perhaps, this is also one of the reasons why more and more people jump into the web marketing bandwagon. Some of the recent changes include:

Parked Domains – No More A Safe Haven For Ad-Ventures!

To the plight of people cashing onto ads more than anything else in web marketing domain, Google has announced significant improvements in their ranking algorithm for detecting parked domains. Parked domains refer to the places which seldom offer users anything of significance, and are stuffed with different kinds of ads. Though it is good to see Google striving to add convenience and effectiveness to searches, but there are many people who find it quite ironic, as they believe “AdSense For Domains” by Google actually encouraged many to do so.

Rewarding The Originality

Though one should not doubt the power of originality, but this is also a fact that in virtual world, sometimes quite opposite happens. Originality and uniqueness are deemed as the prime requisites for worthwhile content, but unfortunately, in the past, many times the sites that simply scrape away the original content without the site owner’s consent outranked the original sites. However, this time, Google vows to counter such acts strictly. They say they have added new and improved signals that can help them detect the most original content if they come across multiple pages containing the same kind of data. That not only means discouraging fake sites with copied content, but that should also serve as a warning signal to the internet marketing services resorting to foul means for promoting their clients’ campaigns.

Give ‘e Some Space

Another interesting (and perhaps significantly controversial) change that Google talks of is to make sure not a single site occupies too much space in top search results. Google say by altering the ranking algorithm this way makes sure they will not only be able to stay away from host crowding, but this would make sure that competitors also get some more space to spice up the competition even more.


Adding More Of Long-tail Documents

Google also intimates about their comprehensive indexing, intended towards making the availability of long-tail documents regarding a particular niche a bit more convenient and productive. This would also prove helpful in gaining better ranks against relevant queries.


One way or the other, Google is the force to reckon as far as search engines and search results are considered. Therefore, you better keep your eyes and ears open to any bit of information Google turns out public, if you want to see yourself prospering in the virtual world.

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