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Google Launches June 2024 Spam Update

Google begins rolling out the June 2024 spam update, which should take a week to complete.

  • Google launched the June 2024 spam update.
  • The update should take a week to roll out.
  • It targets websites violating Google's spam policies.

Google has announced the rollout of the June 2024 spam update, which aims to further improve search results by targeting websites that violate Google’s spam policies.

According to a statement, the update, which began on June 20, is expected to take up to one week to roll out fully.

Google’s Search Liaison says this update is not the algorithmic component of the site reputation abuse update.

That hasn’t rolled out yet, and Google will make a separate announcement to let people know when it does.

Background On Google’s Spam Updates & Policies

Google regularly updates its systems to reduce low-quality and spammy content from its search results.

Spam updates target websites that break Google’s rules, such as:

  • Automatically generating content solely to improve search rankings.
  • Buying or selling links to manipulate rankings.
  • Having thin, duplicated, or poor-quality content.
  • Tricking users with hidden redirects or other deceptive techniques.

Google’s last spam update was released in March.

Despite the March update impacting many spammy websites, some AI-generated content still managed to rank well in search results.

Analysis by Search Engine Journal’s Roger Montti notes that some AI spam sites ranked for over 217,000 queries, with more than 14,900 ranking in the top 10 search results.

The sites employed tactics such as rapid content churn, AI-generated images, and templated article structures, exploiting a loophole that allowed new content to receive an initial ranking boost.

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Potential Impact On Search Results

The June spam update will likely refine Google’s spam detection capabilities further.

However, past experiences have shown that closing loopholes can inadvertently impact legitimate websites.

As with any significant update, the June spam update may result in fluctuations in search rankings for some websites.

Websites that engage in practices that violate Google’s spam policies or rely heavily on AI-generated content may see a decline in their search visibility.

On the other hand, some websites may benefit from the update, as they will face less competition from spammy websites in search results.

Looking Ahead

Google says the June 2024 spam update may take up to one week to roll out fully.

Once the rollout is complete, Google will post an update on its Search Status Dashboard, and you can assess the update’s impact on your search rankings.

Featured Image: Danishch/Shutterstock

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Google Launches June 2024 Spam Update

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