FireFox Addons: 6 Things You Can Do With Plain Text

SMS Text

1. Plain text to link: turn any highlighted text into a link and open it in a new tab:

  • it will open a format text as it is;
  • it will open example text format as

text-to-link extension

More ways to open text as a link here.

2. Browse pages tagged with this word / phrase on StumbleUpon:

According to Jane, this is a great tool to find link-bait thematic inspiration.

Stumble through StumbleUpon tag

3. Count the highlighted words: word count plus:

  • count the words in the highlighted extract;
  • add more words to counted before that.

Word count

4. Search the highlighted word in any search engine you select in your search plugins:

Search for highlighted word

5. Search the highlighted word using multiple search engines: KallOut


The tool also turns a plain-text URL into the clickable link.

6. Search the highlighted word using Google advanced operatorsadvanced dork:

Google Advanced dork

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