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Wordstream (we have previously published a solid review on Wordstream on SEJ) is launching a new cool free keyword research tool generating the list related keywords and keyword phrases that could be an awesome alternative to paid Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery.

I was lucky enough to be among beta testers, so I decided to help in launchung the tool by announcing it here and encouraging our readers to go ahead, try it and share their opinions in the comments.

Here’s the screenhot of how the tool works:

  • First provide your base word;
  • Then (optional) choose a few "related words" to the right;
  • See the list of generated keyword phrases;
  • Copy the keywords or / and email the list to yourself or anyone you want to share it with:

Wordstrean free

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • Matt

    Anyone knows where Wordstream get its data from?

    Says on their FAQ:
    WordStream purchases and aggregates volumes of keyword search data through industry partnerships with:
    * Internet Service Providers
    * Browser Toolbars
    * Search Engines



    • Loren Baker, Editor

      Sounds like a solid mix and similar to their competition

    • Tom Demers

      Hi Matt,

      We don’t divulge specific sources, but we’ve purchased keyword data from a variety of different sources (we have multiple vendors in each of the sections you mentioned). We pieced together a database of a little over a trillion search queries from all of these different sources, and then applied some statistical modeling algorithms to the data.

      Hopefully that helps, thanks, and thanks for the mention Ann!


  • Bartjan

    “that could be an awesome alternative to paid WordPress or Keyword Discovery. ” I think you mean wordtracker instead of wordpress ūüėČ

    I certainly am going to try wordstream, just to see how much data it has on foreign languages. Wordtracker and keyword discovery don’t have much data on that.

  • Suzanne

    Very nice … gave me LOADS of keyword suggestions. I really like having the ability to email the keywords instead of just downloading them or having to copy them into a notepad. An agency like mine could find that very helpful, as we could email keyword suggestions to each other and to clients. Very cool.

  • sean vernall

    Just tried out the free keyword tool… what i got was a list comprising of the keyword/phrase with modifiers added… this is not the same as wordtracker’s keyword universe and is even inferior to Google’s free keyword tools (both of these offer genuine synonyms and related words)… I’m struggling to see how this is better (or even different) than every other free tool