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Weekly Search & Social News: 07/27/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 07/27/2010

Hello ladies and gentleman, geeks and phreaks alike, it’s time for another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ ? It was a damned busy week out in the trenches last week and it was again tough to decide what to include and what not too. But hey, that’s always a good thing as far as I am concerned. Oh, and I learned something too… I am a jaded reader. Yup, tis true. You see many of the older geeks often say there is nothing but regurgitation out there. But I stopped to think about it and well, for peeps just getting into the business, old topics we’ve covered a zillion times, is actually NEW to them. Thus I realized I shouldn’t be bitching about it… just sayin’. It is something to consider next time ya bitch about it. M’kay?

And away we go….

Lead Story

Are link builders SEOs?

Over the last year or so I have been talking to some friends, old and new, about the world of link building and it’s place in SEO. Or more specifically, is it actually part of SEO? You see when I talk to some folks, most often the more seasoned vets, they tend to see it as ‘link marketing’, ‘relationship marketing’ or even as a promotional activity.

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And so I wanted to highlight my pal Ben McKay’s article; Homage to the Business of Link-Building – which discusses this very topic.

The funny thing is that if you’d asked me 18 months ago I’d give you a big ‘duh’ and move on. But now I have done the proverbial 180 and tend to believe that it truly isn’t purely SEO… moreso the promotional aspect than anything else. Consider social media. Just because if does have benefits to SEO, does that means it is part of the SEO fold? Not at all…that would be silly to say.

Links are considered votes or even ‘reach’ and to me SEO covers the more technical aspects and has some cross over into the world of content strategy. Now, I haven’t gone completely mad, I understand the value of links to SEO, I am merely now of the mind that it is a stand alone discipline as much as social media marketing and usability are.

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And that’s my own 2c on the matter – we will be talking about this more on SEO Dojo Radio this week

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Talk of the Town

Of Linkbait And SEO Bank Shots – I got a good laugh from this being a pool player and a search geek. Oh and yea, there were some valid points of interest in here as well…. hehe…

SEO Spammers vs the White Hat Army! – long time readers will know that I am actually not a big fan of web spam. Not only is some of it borderline cheating, but it just makes a bloody mess of the web… that thing I want to pass along to my chidren. As such, I enjoyed this post and it is a worthy addition

4 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When You Build Links Julie (Joyce) dropped a good one over on Search Engine Journal that hits some of the most common high level elements when it comes to screw ups with link building. The non-disclosure one is my fav. Short but still edu-taining.

Hiding your backlinks from the competition – while it did strike me as a bit of a ‘who freakin cares’, I had to at least respect the inventiveness and thoroughness of this one. Man, this dude is a bit whacked… but a fun read.

Calculating Your ROI on Internet Marketing – over on Vertical Measures there was a great post on one of my fav topics, ROI. There were even a few tidbits that I have added to my own aresenal… a good read fer sure.

Optimizing Yourself For The Yahoo! Microsoft Search Alliance – interesting and odd. I only included this one so I could say, ‘Who cares?’. This was one of the topics in last weeks SEO Dojo Radio (optimizing for Bing?) and well… I included it this week so you can make up your own mind.

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The Foundation Of A Successful SEO Campaign: Keyword Research – Yup… I’ve said it over and over and over; KW research is THE most important part of the SEO process. So be sure to read and pass this one along. It simply doesn’t get enough coverage in the industry.

You Keep Using That Keyword. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means – well, I couldn’t leave this one out. It has two GREAT elements; Stoney and a reference to the movie; the Princess Bride. Freakin’ geek heaven I tells ya!

SEO Training – ok sure, this one has ‘Dave bait’ written all over it, but even at that it was still a good post and worth sharing. I personally believe you NEVER stop learning/training in the finer points of the art. As soon as you stop, you’re standing still while the search world continues to evolve.

The Dark Side of SEO Copywriting; A Dose of Reality Rant – Jahnelle is a friend of the Fire Horse and a copywriter. But it’s only the second part that got her in this week’s edition… that and well.. I am a huge fan o’ RANTS!! hee hee… She made some great points and it is an interesting discussion.

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A summer interview with… David Harry- – ok sure, it ain’t exactly ‘news’ but I am always appreciative of those that take an interest in yours truly. So, what am I up to this summer? I’ll give ya a hint; it’s a 4 letter word.

SEO Has Killed The My Internet – I did get a kick out of this SEL post in that it is quite true that being a web geek does ruin my over-all enjoyment of the net.. I just know waaaay to much.

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Bing Powering Yahoo, Google Rankings, Pink AdWords & Upsetting Images

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How to Measure the Web’s Effect on Offline Sales

Cutt’s Corner

Where do you see Google in 5 years?


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/end SOSG session

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