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Weekly Search & Social News: 06/29/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 06/29/2010

Well I am a day late, but we at least made it to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – there was some interesting readin’ last week from the rise of Facebook the ‘search engine’ to a distinct lean towards the business side of things. Speaking of which, a huge congrats goes out to the SEJ/Search and Social gang whom made news with their merger winth 10e20. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in.

Let’s get this party started!

Lead Story

FaceBook SEO?

It’s not often that we lead the newsletter off with Social search stuff, but that is precisely the case this week. And the social spot in question is one of the heavyweights, FaceBook. It seems they’ve launched a new search system from their OpenGraph protocol. As they mentioned, “all Open Graph-enabled web pages will show up in search when a user likes them”.

This involves including some new meta-data and I did have a look at them over the weekend and it does seem interesting. First a little bit of coverage;

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And over at AimClear there was also some timely coverage on potential SEO for FaceBook;

Facebook SEO Ranking Factors, 2010 Study Results

Now, one thing that I have gone off on before is that I generally don’t consider Twitter search nor any site specific search to be a search engine. For me a search engine searches multiple sites and ranks them accordingly. Anyway, splitting hairs.

It will be interesting to see where this all leads… more on it soon as I dig in more.

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Talk of the Town

How To Take Down A Competitors Website: Legally – was a rather interesting if not borderline nefarious post from the gang at Blue Hat SEO.

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There Is No Such Thing As Search Neutrality, Because The Whole Point Of Search Is To Recommend What’s Best – it may be one helluva a long title, but it’s a damn good read. A search engine is entirely about subjective decisions…it’s a fact, it’s life, get over it.

More proof that Google is not really using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)? – ok, while it may be ‘Dave Bait’ and I don’t entirely agree with the analysis, I did add me 2c in the comments on this one, so it is worth keeping. Always an area that peeps tend to be confused around.

SEO Flows Through Everything – was an interesting strategic ditty over on SEO Book that looks at how SEO is an important aspect of the top-down systemic aspects of any online business. Great stuff from the Book as always.

SEO Tutorial: Assessing a Keyword Domain for Purchase – Does Buying Make Sense or Not? – this is actually an area that a lot of folks don’t write about all that often. Domaining is a common area for a lot of SEOs… nice to see this one.

3 Bare Bones SEO Techniques Small Business Sites Can’t Afford to Ignore – Melanie Nathan dropped an interesting post over on SEP that hammers home the three core areas any SME should understand, especially keyword research.

Four Engines, Four Ways To Generate Links – Debra Mastaler looks at some analysis of the big 4 (?) for link prospecting.

Here is Why Now Is The Best Time To Be In The SEO Business – it seeems Hamlet Batista is back on the scene after a long hiatis and is ready to kick ass. He outlines why NOW is the time to get into the SEO game… hmmm… I thought it was dead? Who knew?

Common Mistakes Big Brands Make in SEO – this one is nearly a no brainer. As most of us know, the big brands and large corps tend to be REAL bad when it comes to SEO. Blogstorm had a great analysis that shows some of the more well know issues.

Control-Freak Execs and Online Marketing – speaking of clients, I also enjoyed this little diddy from Vanessa over on Bruce Clay that deals with an area close to my heart; anal micromanager types.

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Adapting SEO for Personalized Search – was a post from yours truly over on Search Engine Journal which looks at personalized search (once again), how search engines go about it and what you can do to be positioned.


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