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Weekly Search & Social News: 06/22/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 06/22/2010

Hello my faithful web wanderers and welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – we’re officially into summer here (northern hemisphere at least) and we all know what that means; slooooooow. The search world does seem to lag a lot as far as news is concerned at this time of year, which makes this Gypsy’s reporting job a little harder. There were though, some interesting search patents out which does make me happy. Google was also talking about the TV offering, which does once more highlight the need to get into Video if you haven’t already.

Let’s get this party started!

Lead Story

Four Square and Twitter Dorking

While I generally put a top story from the previous week, this time it was important enough that I cover this issue.

You see, if you are using FourSquare and Twitter, it is entirely possible that you are putting yourself at great risk. It would only take some rudimentary programming and a devious mind to create a database of targets for a wide variety of criminal activities.

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Social Darwinism; a guide to Twitter dorking

This is some VERY serious stuff here folks and I am looking for any and all support in getting the word out about it. Please do read the post and understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what could be done with the data.

Get the word out!

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Talk of the Town

SEO is a Craft not a Science – looks beyond the technical aspects of SEO and into the realm of creativity. Is SEO an artform? A craft? A science? Most certainly to me there is an element of ‘art’.

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Search Engine Algorithm Changes Effects on SEO – Jill looks at what is and isn’t spam when it comes to SEO. And asks if algo changes might make today’s tactics into tomorrows spam.

Four Secrets to Successful Link Bait – a short but sweet post that looks at some of the core high level elements to any link bait (prefer ‘magnet’ myself) campaign. Strangely, the post itself is not more bait-ish. Oh wait, just linked to it didn’t I? Ha!

Link Building Tool Interview with Garrett French – friend and fellow warrior Garrett F was on the move last week with an interview over on vertical measures. Enlightening and always entertaining from one of the businesses top linker thinkers.

Need Help Understanding The Latest Mahalo Spam? – Michael is at it again, and since I do enjoy some good drama, we simply muse include into the fold.

Hey, Matt Cutts, I’m using JavaScript to hide links from Google, cool? – speaking of the more lively folks in the SEO world, Darren (SEO mofo) was on the prowl this week as well. While Matt never did respond, he did get an answer from JohnMu via Google webmaster boards. Apparently, it’s a no-go. Whooda thunk it?

Why We Don’t Tell People How to Do Their Job – some transparency from the Raven guys with a little build in ‘Dave bait’ to boot. They talk about tools, tactics and some resources for those looking to go to the next level.

Fun With PubSubHubbub, WordPress & Faster Indexation – long time reades of the newsletter and blog know I am pretty up on SEOs (marketers in general) understanding this technology more. Good to see Richard getting into it. Kudos to him for that.

How to measure and analyze long tail search – given the recent chatter on MayDay at Google, I thought this post from Patrick was woth a read and promotion from the tools section of the newsletter.

9 SEO Mistakes Businesses Make With Content – while Lisa (Barone) doesn’t write a heck of a lot on SEO these days (missing the BC days) this post was worth sharing. Some good common sense stuff and a few that drive us nuts.

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Marketing as a SEO Discipline – is another along the philosophical side of things this week, this time from Rishi.

The Art (or Science) of Building Links – Nichola Stott has a new gig writing over on Search Engine Watch (congrats lady!) and the first offering was certainly a respectable one at that.

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  • Google Commerce Search 2.0 – New Features
  • How to Set Your Content Free with Andy Beal
  • Google News creator Krishna Bharat at IJ-7
  • What is Google TV?

Cutt’s Corner

  • What’s your take on "addon domains"?
  • How do you protect your blog from hackers?
  • Matt Cutts – Exploring Video Sitemaps & Google’s…


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/end SOSG session

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