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Weekly Search & Social News: 06/08/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 06/08/2010

Testing 1-2-3 is this thing on?? It’s time for another edition with ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – it was a great week out there last week my friend. There were lots of great posts, videos and of course my fav, patents (Google at least) to keep this geek going. I should also note that this week’s offering is ‘Drama Free’ which is great too (Less Drama – More Geeking). I hope things are well on your end and that you find at least a little sumpn’ sump’ from this weeks offering (ya better, plenty in there).

And away….

Lead Story

You can’t handle the links!

To get things rolling this week I thought that I’d highlight an interesting discussion about how contextual links, as opposed to links at the end, in a post affect the usability of an article. The original report stated that they are a distraction that takes away from the focus of the piece.

Some details;

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Me? I am with (link goddess) Debra on this one. I personally think that the in context links are fine, I actually prefer them. I mean, as one person said, “it’s HTTP… as in HYPER TEXT”. It’s part of the cornerstones of the web. Duh. Anyway, read the posts and decide for yourself.

Away we go….

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Talk of the Town

  • There’s No Such Thing As Advanced Link Building – Deb is everywhere this week. This one is a nice follow up to the above and likely more in-line with my thinking. Then again, Debra is a content centric linker, so I would fall in line easier with her thinkng.
  • Google (SEO) Organic CTR Segmented by brand, Product and location – while this one seemed to fly under the radar last week, it is certainly a well put together bit of research for those in the ecom world.
  • Find A Mentor (Or Some Mentos) – not entirely SEO related nor geeky, but there are a few folks on the list that have helped or influenced me over the years. So it makes the list. We really do need more mentors these days.
  • Hacking is NOT black hat SEO dumbass – it seems there are some folks in the security world that equate black hat SEO with hacking. Misguided or playing the FUD card? You decide…
  • The reasonable surfer; makes for unreasonable thinkers – another rant against those that would take each patent filing that comes out and treat it as gospel (from yours truly) and a lesson in how to assess patents.
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Search Geek Central

Tech Stuff

Social Search

Going Vertical

  • Video SEO: Promotion in the Age of Social Sharing – Fire Horse Trail
  • Why Local SEO is Harder Than SEOs Think – Small Business SEM
  • Video – Is it the key to online conversion? – Search Agents
  • Foursquare Specials: Which One Is Right For Your Business? –
  • Online Video Is Really The Next Big Thing [Study] – Search Engine Watch
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  • WordTracker Partners With Majestic SEO To Create Link Building Intelligence Tool – SEW
  • Keyword List Comparison Tool – SEO Book
  • Feature Friday: Google Analytics Integration into PDF Rank Trending Reports – Raven SEO
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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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