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Weekly Search & Social News: 06/01/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 06/01/2010

HELLOOOO and welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – hard to say what was up last week… but I found it a bit slow for good geeking. Either that or the weather was so nice here I glazed over at the site of my feed reader. Hard to say. I never get dopey when it comes to search patents though and there were more than a few interesting ones on that front last week. We also had the ‘confirmation’ and standard line from Googly on the whole MayDay situation.

Anyway, shall we get into it?

Lead Story

MayDay still in the news

While it isn’t exactly breaking news, it does bear placement at the lead this week. I am sure most folks know that there has been grumbling the last month or so about the ‘MayDay’ update over at Google. Last week we got a little confirmation in the form of;

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Once more, there isn’t a whole lot there, here’s what I got –

  1. It happened around April 28th to May 3
  2. It is an algorithmic change
  3. It affects long tail more than head terms
  4. Independent of caffeine
  5. Do you have a quality site?
  6. Add ‘great content’ (sigh)
  7. Build authority

This might be trust related, it could be segment related, temporal elements, named entities, or a combination (or none of them). Some are getting entire sets of client sites hit and others aren’t seeing it at all. It is still hard to say. We’re working it over in the SEO Dojo and shall report anything of interest we find.

On with the readin’…

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Talk of the Town

  • Understanding Semantic Search and SEO – was a fairly geeky rambling of mine here on Search Engine Journal. It was an area I felt wasn’t really covered enough out there and should be. I hope it generates some new ideas/approaches for you.
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  • 10 Ways to Show Value from Your SEO Efforts – for those looking for some new options in reporting for management, this post from Mark Thompson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting is a good read. Just remember, reporting needs to start from the goals on out. Never create pretty reports just for the sake of doing it.
  • Is now the time for Google to address their own problem? – An interesting (semi) rant from Peter over on Holistic. Sadly I think he’s fighting an up-hill battle on this one. Us old farts, with a few exceptions, stopped dreaming of search utopia long ago…. hee hee.
  • Video SEO; the nuts and bolts – Terry (Van Horne) dropped another post on SEO for Video in his ongoing series into Universal Search. As long time readers here know, it’s an area many SEOs aren’t familiar with. I would deffo bookmark this one.
  • Google TV; it’s all about the data – speaking of video, we have yet another reason to start looking harder at it. This is my post on the Trail about the 5 Google patents on TV targeting. If you haven’t spent the time to get to know Google TV, it’s time you did.
  • Measuring Indexation Levels in Site Architecture – Richard Baxter had a great post on the never ending issue of getting a true indexation reading. To be honest, this is a tough go and there really are no tools that can help. Remember, even Google states that their ‘site:’ command isn’t really true. Regardless, some great research and instight here worth reading.

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Search Geek Central

Tech Stuff

Social Search

Not sure if it’s an indicator, but there was nothing of interest in the world of social search last week. Sorry. No need to fill this space with crap ;0)

Going Vertical

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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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