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Weekly Search & Social News: 03/23/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 03/23/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – all in all it was a moderately busy week in the search world. The biggest buzz came from (She-Ra) Rhea kicking (trademark) ass and spending dosh. There are a few interesting videos this week, for those that enjoy consuming that way. And is it just me? Or has the Google promotional machine slowed down in the first quarter of 2k10? Been awful quiet over there… almost, too quiet.

I hope things are well with you… let’s get into this week’s goodies;

Lead Story

Snippets re-claim long lost value

Once upon a time SEOs used to care about the meta-description as it was not only the face of your SERP listing, but there were those that considered it to have some ranking value as well. That changed a few years ago and these days it is more a function of CTR as it is anything. Actually, Google will often replace the meta-D with other text from the page of their choosing.

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What’s changed? Well, we’ve seen links added (anchor or breadcrumb), RDF making waves and even the rise of the rich snippet. Of interest was a post on SEL last week which I thought worth highlighting;

As long time readers know, I’ve been on about RDFa and related technologies over the last while. If we take all of these changes in totality, it seems there is once more reason to be paying a little more attention than in recent years. If you aren’t, it may be time to re-assess it. Here’s some more reading to keep U edu-tained.

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My point in all this being is that we are constantly watching search evolve. One needs to be evolving constantly and this is yet another fine example (give it to those ‘SEO is dead’ peeps). If you haven’t been noticing the evolution of snippets, methinks it is time to give it a look. Know your SERPs!


M’kay? Let’s get on with the show!

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Talk of the town

SEO Trademark Registration Terminated – oh and in case you were living under the proverbial rock, Rhea made public her journey into near madness (and bankruptcy). Now, if you’ve read it but not thrown a donation into the kitty, please do so now. A worthy cause if ever there was one.
A New SEO Perspective – I really did enjoy this as the interview was a different perspective on SEO, that wasn’t negative. It is interesting to see a journalist’s more content-centric view of SEO. Cheers for that!
Working with multi-regional websites – Google’s Webmaster Central had a post that, oh yes, discusses some SEO tips. This time the advice was related to sites that cover more than one region/language. Nothing earth shattering, but good to see it straight from the horses mouth.
Matt Cutts Interviewed by Eric Enge – speaking of getting it from the horses mouth, there was a pretty good interview with Matt whch had a few goodies, and confirmation of a lot of things we knew/believed.
How You Know When Your Client Isn’t Really Interested In SEO – was a fun little rant over on the SEOBS blog lamenting some of the more common WTF moments we can have with clients in this thing of ours.
5 Reasons To Make Sure You’re Deep Linking – while I hope that we all know the value of (and purpose for) deep links, it can’t hurt to have a good refresher course now and again. A good read and even an old horse like me can use posts like this :0)
Facebook Passes Google (Again) As Most-Visited US Site: Hitwise – while it doesn’t include Google’s other properties, (like Gmail, YouTube etc…) it is worth noting. For my part, I have noticed a distinct shift from Twitter to FB in social priorities with many of the geeks I know.
100 Episodes of SEM Synergy! – what can we say? Woo hoo… Yee haa… Woop Woop! Ok, maybe I am going a bit over the top, but given all the other activities Virginia and the BC gang are up to, tis an amazing feat. I run a weekly chat session and struggle to find topics after 25+ weeks… Kudos to keeping the great content coming folks.
Taking stock of the SEO mindset – and yes, I actually managed to write something for my own blog last week. I had been watching the results of a bunch of the polls we had over the last while and thought there was some interesting patterns emerging… Enjoy.


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Google Threatens To Kill Users –
Semantic Tagging – Trail7
Best Keyword Ranking Tools for SEO by WordStream – Sage Lewis
How to Identify and Monetize Your Most Valuable Keywords with Aaron Wall  – Web Marketing Today
Linkscape for reverse engineering top rankings – Will Reynolds
Rhea Saves SEO, PageRank Details, Porn On Google & Ask Search Ads – Barry’s round up
Cutt’s Corner

      Matt Cutts Discusses Snippets: some excellent info on how Google enhances the listings and where they get the data. (older, but given today’s ‘Top Story’ I thought it worth including this week.


      3 Simple Tools to Find Hidden Links (and Text) – SEJ
      Google PuSH update and why PuSHPress plugin for WordPress is a must – 10e20
      Find Relevant Blogs (and Link Building Opportunities) with Xmark – SEJ
      A Review of Spy Tools – SEO Book
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      /end SOSG session


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      David Harry aka the Gypsy

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