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Weekly Search & Social News: 03/16/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 03/16/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – last week was a pretty damned busy one out in the search news/blogging space and we have a TON of good reading this week. From compliant code for SEO to the ever popular (debated) SEO standards and a whack of search geeky goodiness, there was plenty out there. Oh and what’s with Matt lately? There have been some funny ones over there (Video section) the last two weeks. Thanks for the giggle bro. I hope this editon finds you well… there’s def something for everyone.

And away we go…

Lead Story

Is compliant code an SEO ranking factor?

Over the last year or so I’d had the conversation many times about SEO and valid mark-up. For the record I am of the mind-set it is more a factor of good webmastering than it is anything. Sure, if the site lags bad or even worse, doesn’t render, it certainly can have an SEO effect, but from a ranking perspective, no… not a signal…ain’t gonna happen.

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Interestingly I was going to pen a post about it for the SEOBS blog (for me pal Edward), but now? No point… its been beaten to death last week. Witness;

And I’ve spoken to a Googler whom said;

“There are many good reasons to validate markup — for instance, cleaner code might display better on mobile phones or be handled better by screen readers — but ranking on Google isn’t one of those reasons. There are currently too many pages with original and compelling content but poor markup for us to justify favoring well-validating pages. So nothing’s changed since 2006 on this front.”

Hopefully we can leave this one alone for the moment. That being said, it really can’t hurt to take some of Edward’s thoughts to heart as it does still make good sense. It simply shouldn’t be considered a ‘ranking factor’.

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Talk of the town

A modest proposal for SEO standards – was so damned tempting as the lead story, I thought I’d give it a little extra space ( Owe it to ‘Edward’ to at least give the other a leg up). As long time readers and old horses would know, ‘standards’ has been a long running source of discussion and frustration in the SEO world. When someone I respect speaks about it (Michael, and Bill before that) I tend to take another look. Give the above post a read and consider writing about it or otherwise discussing it.

He followed that up with ‘A modest proposal for SEO training course standards’ and in talking with him over the weekend he also mentioned; Can we talk SEO? In one SEO lexicon? – that post is really a good starting point even. Will we ever nail it? I sure hope so.

Advice for a New Internet Marketer (or How to Spot Internet Marketing Snake Oil) – was a great post on a few levels. For starters I really enoyed the rant quality to it. Secondly, she separated link building from SEO… something a LOT of peeps don’t seem to grasp. Great stuff T!
Have Google Index Your AJAX, Here Is How – some good tips on a topic we’ve been hearing more and more of lately. Seems Google has a good grip on not only JS, but its super-powered kin, AJAX. Certainly worth reading if applicable to your situation.
3 Tricks on SEO & User Engagement – I was going to put this one into the ‘Weapons’ section, but I liked it so much, it was worth giving more attention to. While I am still in the process of testing the concepts, its some solid stuff regardless. I am curious if ‘Tip 3’ qualifies as cloaking, something to look into.
Website Redesign, SEO, & Video – Keys to E-Commerce Future – for the universal search geeks out there, this post once more shows the value of video. A quick tip for you; not many SEOs are good at video. M’kay? Thars gold in them ‘thar hills!
Picking Wise Search Projects – Lyndsay was getting into what I like to call ‘pre-qualifying clients’. It is a safe bet that one doesn’t want to take each and every client that rolls in… Some common sense tips here for grading yours.
Study: Searches Ignore Real-Time Search Results – wasn’t really a big surprise to most search geeks. Barry also has some links to convos and more to the story. While I won’t call it dead just yet, it’s current iteration leaves plenty of room for improvement.
4 Things That Are Getting Me Rankings, Right Now – ‘Dave Bait’ is alive and well this week, but have no worries, Glen is a kick ass kid! And his post teaches us once more, that SEO isn’t all about links as many would have you believe… Ya know?
20 Things You Can Teach a HIPPO to Make Your Website Better – Speaking of bait, this post from Todd came up on the radar this week thanks to a mention of zee Dojo. But as always, entry does actually have a bar around here. Todd does a great job of
A Practical Guide To Information Architecture Changes – being a more ‘content centric’ SEO, information architecture is something I pay attention to. From CMS to architecture, this is a solid post worth reading. Even if you aren’t planning changes… good elements to remember.
Migrating to a New Domain and URL Structure – speaking of IA and site changes, this post on SEJ was also solid in that regard. Between the two, you should have a good framework.
71 Technical Factors For Backlink Analysis (From 30 Link Building Experts) – Part 2 – Garrett French is at it again with his mega-geek round ups. See how I don’t use the word ‘experts’ G? Hee hee. OK, nit picking. Some solid advice all-around.
Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology – and last, but certainly not least, a good laugh at Google’s expense (they can take it). I truly had a good search geeky guffaw with this one. Enjoy.
Honourable Mentions;


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    Search Geek Central

    Search Stuff

    Will Google Bring Us Tabbed Windows on TV? – SEO by the Sea
    Google Is Bing’s 4th Largest Referring Source – SEL
    Illuminating the path to SEO for Silverlight – Bing Blog
    It’s Official: Google’s Proposal For Crawling AJAX URLs is Live –
    Nine by Blue
    Semantic web spam; SemSpam – Science for SEO
    Using Groovy to Upload RDF files to the Talis Platform – Planet RDF
    Microdata support for Rich Snippets – Google
    Google and Transparency  – Noisy Channel
    New HTML+RDFa draft published – W3C
    Not All Queries Are Created Equal – Noisy Channel
    CEO Interview: Surf Canyon’s Mark Cramer Is a PC – TechCrunch


    Social Search

    WhosTalking API goes into public beta – WhosTalkin
    Collecta Launches Mobile Version Of Real-Time Search Engine – SEL
    Twitter turns on maps feature for its website, but not for search – VentureBeat
    Google Docs To WordPress To Twitter & Social Sites – Hobo
    New Google Wave Extensions Debut! – SEJ


    Local SEO


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    Search Patents

    /end SOSG session


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    David Harry aka the Gypsy

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