Weekly Search & Social News: 02/16/2010

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David Harry
David Harry
Weekly Search & Social News: 02/16/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I was thinking, we really should have started the ‘SEO Olympics’ or something. Being a Canadian it’s pretty much consuming things up here. It would be fun to have an SEO version… heehee… Ok, fine, I am just jealous I can’t get a gold medal for search…

It was a pretty busy week in the blogging world although a bit light on social search outside of Google once more making some noise (methinks they should scale back and get a few things right first…sigh). Oh, and my fav geek and pal, Bill Slawski once more stepped outside of the patent world… I love that stuff!! I hope you’re having a great week so far… Let’s; Get it on!


Lead Story

Google gets social; AGAIN

It seems there is some paranormal activity going on with my blog. Late last year I was writing about how/if/why Google could be a social search engine and within 48hrs they announced the ‘Social Search’ experiment. It was timely, but odd.

Last week I was once more on about Google and social as it was now out of beta and I noticed some interesting additions. All in the post; Should SEOs care about Real Time Social Search?


What happens next? The very next day Google Buzz was announced and then the Aardvark acquisition. Jeez… what is up wid dat? I might start being a REAL gypsy and grab a crystal ball and some tarot cards.

Anyway, as search geeks I think it is important to understand the REAL implications of all of this. I’d also consider looking more into the Social Graph API as well. What’s the skinny? Is any of this a serious SEO consideration? Well, read the post to find out. Let’s just say that the sky is most certainly not falling. :0)


On with the show

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Talk of the town

Keyword Research-Factors to consider – I enjoyed this one and felt it worth highlighting this week as KW research truly is the core of any SEO campaign. This one is more of the conceptual overtechnical, but a good read from Virginia none-the-less.
SEO myths and crap; submitting to search engines – is one of last week’s offerings from new blog ‘SEO Bullsh*t’ which hits one of the longer running crap hat services we all know and love. (by the way, also catch the Webcology appearance).
Having Fun with -Onyms in Keyword Research – what can I say? It’s ALWAYS exciting when Bill leaves the world of patents and gives us a glimpse inside his head. Seriously, geek or not, this should be some mandatory reading!
Comparing Trust Metrics and Value Analysis to Understand Search Rankings – Richard is fast becoming one of my fav’ geeks. While I am often a little suspect of the analysis tool limitations (has a Moz tool addiction), he certainly thinks things out well. We need more fellows like him in the industry.
Anatomy of a Hands-on SEO Site Audit; Part 1 – my new friend and SEO Dojo mate Alan Bleiweiss, was covering one of my personal fav areas; Site Audits. If you aren’t doing them or don’t consider them important; think again. This post is a good start.
30 Link Builders Discuss Backlink Analysis For Campaign Design – Part 1 – Another great round up post with a TON of SEOs/Link builders. Yup, I’m not a huge fan of lists… unless they’re remarkable one’s such as this. Great Job!
The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition: Tips from 35 Experts on Analyzing Competitive Keywords – speaking of big ass lists, I was baited again into putting one in the newsletter. This time from the gang at WordStream; great job guys!
 Organic Search Gap Management – Aaron does a great job of looking at some areas of the evolution of search and universal results/verticals in particular.
The Key To Top Video Rankings On YouTube & Google – as long time readers of the newsletter might have noticed, we’re including more and more items on Video SEO. Content strategies that maximize the use of universal SERPs are becoming more and more important this year. Def one to get up on… this post is a great start.
Google Validates SEO Consulting – John Andrews takes us on a little history lesson and then highlights some posts that seem to indicate Google may offer SEO services on “a limited basis”. Interesting stuff. Search Engine Land also had a post on it with; SEO Industry Cries Foul Over Google SEO ‘Services’
Internal Links SEO: PageRank Sculpting Hurting More Sites – Michael is once more fighting the good fight of the confusion that is PageRank sculpting. For the record I often referred to it as a band-aid solution for crappy site architecture. It’s a great post (as usual), so give it a read.
What if link requests were honest? – Wiep had a fun and interesting post that deals within the fine lines of how sending link requests can cause grief. A good laugh and educational.


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Google’s Specialized Forum and Discussion Thread Search Results – SEO by the Sea
Bing: “We Do Not Index 302 Redirected Pages” – Search Engine Roundtable
The pernicious perfidy of page-level web spam (SEM 101) – Bing Blog
The Google Image Treasure Hunt – SEO by the Sea
Google Search Options for Q&A Sites – Google Operating System


Social Search

The Anatomy of a LargeScale Social Search Engine (pdf) – Vark
Aardvark joins Google! – Vark blog
Google Buzz? MSFT, Yahoo Say ‘Been There, Done That’ – Search Engine Land


Local SEO

The New Local: Location Based, Social Centric & Behaviorally Targeted – Search Engine Land
How to Choose the Right Category in Google’s Local Listings – Small Business SEM
Google Local Listings – 3 Essential Tips for Success! – Search Engine People


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Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO), part 2, with Stephan Spencer – Web Marketing Today
Google tips & tricks with Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media – SES
The Query Complexity of Estimating Weighted Averages – Google Tech Talks
Google Buzz  and Google Buzz for mobile – Google


Image SEO Tool – SEOish
Track Your Keyword Positions with SEO Ranking Monitor – SEJ
Keyword Research with Google Only: No Other Tools Needed – Search Engine People
Google Analytics Releases Mobile Search Tracking – SEP
6 Personas that Google Analytics can’t Track – SEOptimise
See More Information on Linked Pages with MashLogic – SEJ
Understanding Google Insights: You Can’t Estimate Traffic with It – SEJ
Using Sysomos to find Keywords for your SEO and SEM – Web Metrics Guru
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Search Patents


Content identification expansion

Automatic completion of fragments of text

Multiple index based information retrieval system

Providing Posts to Discussion Threads in Response to a Search Query



Pseudo-anchor text extraction for vertical search

Recommendation system that identifies a valuable user action by mining data supplied by a plurality of users to find a correlation that suggests one or more actions for notification

Fast on-line learning of transformed hidden Markov models

Searching questions based on topic and focus

Clustering question search results based on topic and focus



Identifying related searches in a database search system

Classifying documents using implicit feedback and query patterns

Building a research document based on implicit/explicit actions

/end SOSG session


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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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