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Weekly Search & Social News: 01/26/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 01/26/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – As we draw near to the end of the first month of 2k10, the search world is getting a little more active. Sadly, for this geek at least, we were very light on search patents again this week…. Grumble… mumble…

SEOmoz released a new tool, some people jumped on it (cough * Sebastian * cough), Google was talking semantics and another fella came to light that was trying to trademark SEO. And for the first time in a while, Michael Martinez was relatively quite.

So grab some of your fav beverage and let’s dig into this week’s edition shall we?


Lead Story

SEO being trademarked AGAIN?!?

I try to avoid making one of my own posts/topics the lead story, but this week it couldn’t be helped. You see, for those that missed it, we had a fella’ named Jason Gambert that tried (unsuccessfully) to trademark the term, ‘SEO’. That all blew over… until now.

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It seems that he has competition. It came to my attention that one Clinton Cimring has also thrown his hat in the ring. What is almost more interesting is the ORM (rep management) job he did with it. As noted with this Twitter entry;


  • ..seriously, we need to talk about actually important stuff, not who trademarked SEO; like pugs in purple monkey costumes!!!”


If he believes that someone trying to TM the acronym (and potential charge for it’s use) isn’t ‘serious’ then maybe he should be the one wearing a purple monkey suit; just sayin’.

You can read more on the trail in this post or Barry’s coverage over on Search Engine Land.

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Talk of the town

Selling SEO: Pitching Page Rank As a Metric Over Conversions? – ack…. Yup, nothing scarier than a client that uses TooBar PageRank as a metric. Barry covers an interesting thread on that very conversation.
SEO Priorities Survey: The Results – Virginia was noting the results of a recent survey on the Bruce Clay blog. I’m certainly one that enjoys these as it is nice to see how others in the business perceive things.
Web self help for Small Business – just for a change we have Bill (Slawski) with an entry out of the tech ‘Search Geek Central’ section. It is a groovy analogy from Ben Franklin no less. Good readin’!
Remember The Problem With SEO Theory Blogs, Like This One – I enjoyed Shaun’s little poke at himself and the rest of us technical search geeks. Always remember that testing is generally from a limited set and knowledge. Even we take it with a grain of salt.
What Spammers Can Teach You About ORM – I enjoyed Dave’s lament as he digs into the dark side of SEO on SEJ last week. He also has a few good approaches for cleaning up ORM issues should they happen to you.
Do I need to know Blackhat SEO? – Rishil makes a debut in the newsletter (really? Took this long? I must be slacking) as he asked the search community about how black hat fits into the greater scheme of things.
SEO 101 Common Mistakes – I’m not a fan of lists, but when we come across a HUGE one like this, it simply can’t be over-looked. What made it more interesting is the guys on Dave Naylor’s blog tend to have more ‘quick hit’, drive by blogging posts most of the time. Nice work!
PageRank Sculpting Leaves NoFollowed Tags Behind – I am not sure if the terminology works, (I’ve always called it PageRank management), but the concepts are solid. Understanding how the flow of internal link love operates, is an essential IMHO. Thus this one makes this week’s edition…. (see’s MM and ducks).
Google Search Just Got a Little Bit Smarter: Highlights Answers to Factual Questions – in Google’s never ending quest for ‘no click surfing’ comes an update over on Read Write Web. Interesting space this rich snippets and RDFa is… get to know my friends! There is some more interesting stuff on this over at Search Engine Land.
How to Employ Multiple Keywords for SEO & Conversions – one question I hear a lot in my travels is, “How many terms can I target on one page?”. This post from Rand looks at that and does a good job of explaining some approaches (with pretty graphs and pics as always).
The Ethical Dilemma of Providing Marketing Services and Tools – while not exactly big news, I thought it worth noting this Raven SEO post which lays out their new business model. Essentially this helps to diffuse any potential conflict of interest the tools previously had. Kudos gentlemen… a wise move!


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Helping computers understand language – Google Blog (and more here from Matt on it)
Google Changes How It Handles Synonyms – Search Engine Land (same topic as above)
Real Time Search Is Personal – Noisy Channel
When Is Faceted Search Appropriate? – Noisy Channel
What Will 2010 Bring? – ACM blog


Social Search

Oneriot takes next step in realtime: Realtime Ads – Search Cowboys
Twitter goldrush on the way. Old usernames to be released – Next Web
Bing’s Stefan Weitz: Rethinking The Search Experience – Search Engine Land
Google Increases Sitemaps Limit to 50,000 from 1,000 – Search Engine Roundtable


Local SEO


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How do Majestic and LinkScape get their raw data? – Sebastian’s Pamphlets
Robot Control Code Generation Tool – McAnerin
More Google SERP research with YoLink – SEJ
Get Creative Google Link Building Query Ideas with Ontolo’s Tool – SEJ
Behavioral Targeting Is Easier Than You Think – Search Engine Land
More Link Building Tool Goodness – Wiep
Web Analytics Demystified FREE – Eric Peterson
Rankings, Competitors and Analytics in One – Search Engine Guide
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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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