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Weekly Search & Social Coverage: 11/24/09

Weekly Search & Social Coverage: 11/24/09

Welcome ot another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I hope you are well and getting well into another week in the trenches. Last week was a particularily busy one in the blogosphere which made it even harder to try and keep the list managable. Even in the world of patents it was a busy one. I sure hope you have your reading caps on because this edition is a HUGE one. As such we’re also not going to have a ‘lead story’ as there is so much to cover and nothing really stood out as the ‘big story’ for me…

Anyway, let’s get on with it shall we?

Talk of the town

21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries – was a great post from Garrett French over on SEL which the gang at the SEO Dojo were put to use in giving some input on. If you’re a fan of link building and Google dorking, this is a must read.
How Google News uses click data for rankings – is an interesting piece that looks at some of the statements made recently by a Googler on using query analysis and click data in the News SERPs… always an interesting topic.
Hidden H Tags by Google – funny stuff here.. Google using some hidden tags? Yikes… say it ain’t so! Go get ‘em Irish!
What is Whitehat Automation? – Rob Adler is taking a stab at the world of white hat SEO by bringing some of his dark-side automation over to the other side. You know U want to play with us Rob, nice stuff brother!
5 Worries that can kill your SEO campaign – Stoney uncovers some common issues that can bring a search campaign to its knees.
Linkbait vs. Linkbuying – Paul Carpenter takes us through the ins-and-outs of link bait V buying. As long time readers would know, I am a baity’ kind o guy. Why buy what you ca get for free?
Does Reading Level Matter in SEO? – David Waterman over at The Search Agents played with an interesting theory of how reading level might affect rankings, or at least how it relates when studying existing rankings. Fun stuff… tin foil likely required.
Keyword Research: A Proven System – friend of the FireHorse, Garrett Pierson dropped a post over at Search Engine People. While it’s not the most in-depth piece ever written, it contains the concept that KW research is one of THE most important aspects of SEO; something I believe in and not enough peeps state it as such… so it’s worth noting.
Do More Domains Help SEO – was the question being asked AND answered (sort of) by Michael over on the ‘best SEO blog’. I liked this one as it highlights the problem with ANY question in SEO; it depends on the situation and reason for doing so. Nice one MM!
10 Resources: SEO Going Underground Again – is a bit of a rant from Tad on the joys of being pegged as an SEO out in the online world. He relates his experiences and the venom faced by many of us in social circles.
Three Pages from the Same Domain in Google SERPs? – Alan was noting some interesting 3 page listings (main and 2 indented) and why there hasn’t been more buzz about it. Dear Alan, methinks it is because this only happens with navigational searches, so it really doesn’t affect most of us… m’kay?
Building Links “Outside The Box” – as always Debra has some interesting perspectives on link building methods beyond the every-day. Of particular interest this time out, is actually building links by identifying your target demographic – kudos as always Deb!
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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Search Taxonomies and Search Engines: Answering Questions vs. Indexing Webpages – SEO by the Sea

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How Google Might Insert Artificial Named Anchors into Web Pages – SEO by the Sea

Exploring Exploratory Search – Noisy Channel

FacteryLabs Launch FactRank Engine – Search Engine Watch

Information Glut, or Information Gluttons? – Haystack Blog

Random linguistics – the Lousy Linguist


Social Search

Local-Social Search: A Powerful Marketing Channel For Small Businesses – SEL

Ask Making A Bigger Bet On “Social Search” Or Q&A – Search Engine Land

Yahoo Adds Fresh, Social Content to Search, Twitter Included – SEJ

Collecta Powers Real-time Search for – Alt Search Engine


Local SEO

6 Ways Local Domains Crush Dot Coms In International SEO – Search Engine Land

The 3 Variables of Google Local Search – Search Engine Guide

Mapsicle 1.0: Annotating Street View Panoramas – Google Geo Developers Blog

How to use multiple sitemaps on one domain for geo-targeting – Search Cowboys

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Marketing in the Age of Google – Web Pro News

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Bruce Clay on the Business of Local Search – Web Pro News

Fliqz Launches Online Video SEO Tool – SEW

Google’s new KW research Tool – Jim Stewart

Cutt’s Corner

Matt on Load speed and Caffeine

Why would an FAQ page rank above a site’s homepage?


3 SEO Browsers to Evaluate on-Page SEO – SEJ

How to Track Competitor Search Engine Rankings with SEJ Tools

Use Google Speed Tool to Speed Up Site – RustyBrick

Google Analytics Filter Best Practices – Search Engine People

Playing with Google Analytics Intelligence – Blog Storm

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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

‘7 Days of Search and Social’ is a joint effort from Search Engine Journal and the SEO Training Dojo to bring you the latest in SEO and Social Search news. Each week (on Tuesdays) we’ll be posting the highlights of the most recent (SEO Geeks) newsletter here on Search Engine Journal.

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