Google Opens Site Creation Tool to Everyone

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Remember JotSpot which was recently launched as part of Google Apps for businesses, schools and organizations? Google just opened it up to everyone. No domain required. Group sites will be hosted as a subdomain on Google Site’s domain.

Nothing biggie here really. It’s just your old circa 1990’s site creation tool. Think of Geocities resurrected for the social web. That’s basically what Google Sites is.

It doesn’t require too much technical skills to build your own site either. The site creation tool comes with pre-loaded with several themes which you can use for your group sites.

On the positive note, this could be useful for those still using Google Groups. You can easily create a site for your Groups where your members can share stuff, collaborate on certain issues and pretty much some other things that you normally do together in a social networking site.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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