Firefox 3.6 To Have Self-Profiling Extension

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Firefox 3.6, otherwise known as, is about to be released pretty soon.   And one of its most interesting feature would be a self-profiling web tool that will allow user to see their browsing habits profile.  The new Firefox feature which is tentatively known as about:me, will give relevant user information such as most visited sites, time of the day and days users navigate the web most, as well as how users access the site.The Mozilla Wiki defines about:me as:

A statistical analysis of the user’s history, average tab load, etc. Like Google Zeitgeist, but based on their Places database.

The about:me web service aims to show users the broader patterns in their web browsing activities while at the same time give webmasters a site to gauge their web sites’ usage including the amount of metadata generated by it.

The latest prototype of about:me is available as an add-on, which  can be downloaded at

You may want to check out a sample graph generated by about:me at Mozilla Links.

Arnold Zafra
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