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Weekly Search & Social News: 10/08/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 10/08/2010

Hello ladies and gentleman, geeks and phreaks alike, it’s time for another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ ? It was a VERY quiet one out in the trenches last week and wouldn’t ya know it? It was the week I decided to take off for some R&R… how perfect is that? Regardless, I still came across some interesting reading and am leading off with a little rant of my own. I hope things are well and the last weeks of summer are going GREAT for ya!

And away we go….

Lead Story

Sensationalist crap in media

OK, no top story per se… just me whining and bitching. A while back Danny (Sullivan) went on a bit of a tirade over other news sources stealing graphic without attribution or otherwise giving credit for a story he broke/wrote.

It seriously does PISS ME OFF sometimes… case and point. I wrote about a recent patent from Goole on SEJ; Google Dynamic Linking.

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It was some fun tin-foil-laden goodiness that I felt would likely get a few peeps talking. I personally didn’t get too excited, but thought it would make good media. Then the folks over at eConsultancy grabbed it up… with NO ATTRIBUTION… as such; Is Google Planning to Kill SEO?

Holy shit! Not only did they not give attribution where they found the story, but they decided to somehow make it more glorified with a seriously abominated title (and back story). Though, of interest, it was the ‘Social Media Producer’ that wrote it, not an actual SEO industry type. And yes, there is NO WAY they found the patent on their own (little lone actually read the entire thing). The patent was awarded months ago, they find it the same day as my post? Methinks not.

It does bug me because others do pick up on the story from there (such as this one) and then the crap spreads. The lack of accreditation doesn’t bug me nearly as much as the distortion does. Point being that if they had attributed, people might be able to read a more balanced version of it. Ya know… ? I have covered their posts in this offering in the past, I will be hard pressed to do so in the future.

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Anyway, enough of that, on with the show!

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Talk of the Town

What to Look For in a Link Builder – is yet another entry into the ‘are link builders really SEOs’ debate. It also goes beyond it and highlights some of the elements one should be looking for in a good link builder.

6 Ways to Increase Your Influence and Persuasion – Friend of the FireHorse, Gabriella Saninno had an interesting post on SEJ looking at building influence. Certainly some interesting stuff, though my own journey was more a fluke than a thought out approach… go figure.

Understanding The SEO Challenges Of Language Detection – I did enjoy this one as we really don’t see enough of the good geekiness out there these days. The other aspect is that we really need to be working more on geo-location as it’s one of the cornerstones of modern personalization. A good read…

The Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest – ok sure, it isn’t exactly ‘news’ but I did want to highlight this particular contest as we at the SEO Dojo are one of the many sponsors… deffo worth checking out. Best of luck to all that enter.

Google Shows You How to Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth (BETA) – seems everyone’s favourite masked avenger, Aaron Wall, was back at it again last week. This week’s topic? Paid links… One really does have to laugh at the state of the modern link graph oui? You bet.

Five Things I’ve Learned About Paid Links – Speaking of paid links, Melanie also was writing about them last week (via SEP) with her own guidlines/tips for those that participate in the world of text link advertising.

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Panama Hat SEO – ok, I have no idea what Tad was smoking at the time. I equally doubt it was meant to be humourus, but I did find my self giggling in a WTF moment reading this one. So why not add it and confuse the rest of you? Hee hee…

Google Power User Tips: Query Operators – yep, nothing spectacularly new here, but ANY self respecting search geek needs to know their chops with ‘Google hacking’ and this is the place to start. So, it makes this week’s edition for that alone.

Where Is Search Going? Surf Canyon’s Mark Cramer – I wanted to include this one because it is an interview with one of the uber geeks behind Surf Canyon. Of all the folks (IR, SEO et al) over the years, these guys were some of the smartest folks I have had the pleasure of talking to.

32 New Link Building Resources: the Local Link Building Edition – And last but not least for highlights this week, was a great round up from the folks over at Ontolo. Some handy stuff and good reading all around. I am not much of a ‘list’ guy, but when they’re as usefull as this one, it’s worth passing along to you.

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2010 Google Faculty Summit: The Anatomy of a Large Scale Social Search Engine – Google

Cutt’s Corner

Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?

Can a spammy website affect the ranking of other sites on the same server?

Are Chrome’s ‘usage statistics’ used in evaluating site speed?


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/end SOSG session

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