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Weekly Search & Social News: 08/17/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 08/17/2010

Hey there gang, welcome to this week’s edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ ? It seems things might just be winding down for summer if the search world is any indication. Things are traditionally slow during the summer month’s but last week… well… it was a damned busy one. The only area that was a bit slow, was the search patents… and beyond me, I am sure that’s not gonna break anyone’s hearts. We had some good geeking, some humour and even a few lists (not generally a ‘list’ kinda guy ya know, they have to be good).

Let’s get right to it shall we?

Lead Story

Google shows crazy ass local SERP!

Late last week I came across a very interesting post which was highlighting a Google (localized) SERP that had absolutely NO organic listings… forget the 3 pack. The seven pack is soooo last year… this is a bloody 10 pack and takes up the entire freakin first page. Here have a look (click to see full sized original);

Google Local SERP

Now, what this means depends on how U think about it. First off, it was a hard core localization and from what I know folks outside of NYC weren’t getting it. Secondly, despite the whining from SEOs, it is actually a pretty damned good SERP from a user end standpoint. I mean if yer looking for car rentals, what more can U ask for?

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It is also interesting, and telling, that there are a lot of reviews and ‘place pages’ in there as well. At the end of the day this is apparently a test and we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of it. It does, once more, show us the value of being intimate with your query spaces and having all of your universal search duckies in a row IMO.

Have you seen any of these types of SERPs? Or other interesting/odd anomalies? Please to let me know as I am always interested in the various forms of SERP evolution.

And away we go… on with the show!

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Talk of the Town

Google tests credit card serps again – 4th entry inserted on ppc results – I have been seeing more and more of these lately and it can be a tad concerning as they are slowly pushing the organic results further below the fold. A top organic ranking just ain’t what it used to be huh?

It Isn’t “Old School SEO” If It’s Just Nonsense SEO – an entertaining post from Stoney and more ‘Princess Bride’ references… a Win Win if ya ask me. Hopefully we never hear about ‘keyword density’ again!

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An In-Depth Look at Search Auto-Suggestions– I have covered some patents in the past on Google’s suggest and it is always good n’ geeky to see others getting into the act. A good post from Ann fer sure.

Link Building: It’s All In the Details– I couldn’t agree more with Wiep as far as people looking for ‘secrets’ when it comes to link building. A good post of bullet points to sharpen you link building prowess. A deff keeper here.

Searching For Apples? Good Luck!– This one was funny enough to actually find it’s way into last week’s SEO Dojo Radio show. Barry found some pretty odd results that the quality peeps at Google just might want to look into. Query analysis gone mad!

Onsite SEO Interview with Dave Harry – yea, it’s me. But I thought I’d include it because I am always amazed when anyone thinks talking to me is post worthy. A big thanks to the VM gang for having me on. Always appreciated.

50 Reasons To Cloak Links (& reasons not to) – is it just me or has Andy (Beard) been on a tear lately? Great to see him back blogging and this one is why. If you didn’t catch it last week, I do suggest you wander on over and give ‘er a read. Welcome back Andy!

46 new link building resources – WHAT??? Speaking of knocking them out of the park, Garrett (French) had a great round up for geeks of all persuasions.

Simple Testing Strategy for Microformats Implementation – was another good post from Richard on SEO Gadget. For those not paying attention, this is an area we’ve highlighted more than a few times here. Be sure to start getting yer chops up on this, m’kay?

3 Misunderstood SEO Best Practices– Terry VanHorne dropped a good post on the Trail last week on some commmonly misunderstood SEO practices. It was well recieved, so I thought to give it some more luv!

Do You Want To Rank For Large Fish?– Seriously, with a title like that how can we not include it? A good post from Julie over on the SEO Chicks blog. Apparently she’s getting too much spam and …. well… lost it. (is that pic Photoshopped or what?)

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SEO Dojo Radio – Local SEO and more!– And last but not least was the most recent entry on SEO Dojo Radio. Last week we yakked some recent search news and had a special guest, Darren Shaw, drop in to talk about his new local citations tool. All in all, another great show if I do say so.

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