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Weekly Search & Social News: 07/20/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 07/20/2010

Hello ladies and gentleman, geeks and phreaks alike, it’s time for another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ ? Lookin to beat the summer heat? The this massively cool round up of all the goodiness of the week that was should do ya’ well. It was actually quite a busy one out there and I really did have to wrestle with what to keep and leave. We got into search nuetrality, Google grabbed meta-web and the gang gathered for another edition of SEO Dojo Radio… and soooooo much more. I hope this week’s offering finds you well (except you buggars at Blue Glass, we’re ever so jealous)


And away….

Lead Story

Search just ain’t nuetral

This week I wanted to touch on a bit of a controversy Google was having with the NYT again…lol… like that is some shocking news. Essentially they flew the concept out there that Google, being the behemoth it is, should somehow be regulated. Or if one goes by extension, search itself. That there should be some sort of neutrality to it.

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For the record? They really do gotta stop feeding the columnists crack over there…. REALLY. Search algorithms are tweaked by the companies that own them to give the editorial slant that they believe is best for users. And this isn’t just willy-nilly here. They have plenty of qualitative testing going on and are constantly looking to tweak them.


Some have even suggested that Google makes public the details of their algorithms… which to be to the delight of spammers as Marissa Mayer had mentioned during this little fiasco.

Yes, what Google decides to rank 1st or last can make the difference of success or failure to many an enterprise. Yes, they can be ‘king makers’ with their algos. But does that mean it should be open to public scrutiny? Should the government step in to put their own stamp of approval on it? I don’t bloody think so my friends. It is a business and if they want to screw things up, let the market decide.

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Search will NEVER be nuetral. The algorithms are created by humans who are themselves, by nature, biased in one way or the other. Even the humans working at news papers and in the Government. Ya know?

On with the show

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Talk of the Town

Facebook and SEO; should you care? – was a post on the Trail from everyone’s favourite search gypsy (ok, I am the only one, but that’s beside the point). I was curious is the recent hype about Facebook and SEO was just that, hype. Want to know what we found? Your gonna have to read it.

Creating a Custom Content Strategy: Content Audit and Analysis– was a grooovy little post over on SEP about one of my favourite topics; content programs/strategy. If you aren’t already fluid in this area, I humbly suggest you get on it NOW.

Link Building With Widgets – Debra had a post that not only looks at a good link building/marketing tactic, but also the value of private boards/communities (something I am also a fan of…for obvious reasons)

The Challenges of Measuring SEO Success, Part 1 – Search Engine Watch put up an interesting post that looks at the troubling area of measurements and benchmarks.

Link Building: It’s a Popularity Game– it’s funny that we used to refer to it as ‘link popularity’ and that links aren’t really as much a vote as they are a sign of good promotion and popularity. So I loved the title. Past that? It is a GREAT bit of link bait (graphic) from our pal Wiep Knol. Most deffo worth checking out!

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Top SEOs Analyze Glorified Scraper Sites After May Day – another one I may not entirely agree with, but none-the-less there are some more data points for those still trying to get a handle on it all.

How to Know When Your Site Needs SEO Before Social Media – I am often asked about search and social as head-to-head competitors, which I think is silly. But sometimes, when the budget doesn’t allow, one must choose one over the other. This article looks at just that… and does a good job of it too!

Google’s Brand Debacle Backfires– well, I am pretty sure I don’t even have to tell you who wrote this one do I? The title lone should give that away. While I may not see things the same way as he does, I am always entertained. A worthy addition!

Are We Over-Engineering the Link Graph? – friend of the Fire Horse and groovy search geekin’ gal, Nichola Stott begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, had another great post at her new hang-out, Search Engine Watch. She looks at some case studies to see just how important links are in this day and age. Want to know what she found? You’ll just have to read it!

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Google Caffeine vs. Google Mayday — SEM Synergy Extras– While I didn’t fully agree with the analysis, it is always good to see some folks geeking out and trying make sense of the recent changes at Google. So a deffo ‘B for effort’ on this one. Besides, Vanessa rocks… hee hee.. (geek crush?)

Site Navigation & Information Architecture Fundamentals For SEOs – much like the content strategy mentioned off the top, another area I am bullish on is architectural aspects of SEO. It is massively important and something I will never cease to promote…. this SEL article is no different. A worthy read.

Google vs Bing (Part II) the link graph – Tony Verre dropped by the Trail with the second part in his series comparing the two engines still left standing. Some interesting stuff and he will be on SEO Dojo Radio this week to discuss his finding further. Great stuff fer sure. (you can get the entire series and data here)

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The evolution of ranking signals; Google is getting past the link – was a post from yours truly over on the WordStream blog last week. I was making a case for where we may be headed in search. Please do drop by and leave yer own 2c on the matter.

SEO Dojo Radio #2 – in our newly started podcast we looked at FaceBook SEO, Google ME and some interesting developments in video SERPs. In the second half we were joined by ex-Yahoodler and public relations guru Nichola Stott. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy the show… it is a work in progress.

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Cutt’s Corner

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How can a website compete using only white hat techniques?

How does Google handle a page containing multiple languages?

Is PageRank calculated differently for domains registered before 2004?

What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings?


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/end SOSG session

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