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Weekly Search & Social News: 10/27/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 10/27/2010

It’s time for another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. It could have been active out there last week and… well.. I probably wouldn’t have noticed as I was knee deep in some personal stuff. Sorry about that. None the less, we still have plenty of good search geeking to be had from what I did manage to come across.

Lead Story

Home Sweet Home

Allow me a few moments if you will. Over the last few years my personal site was getting more and more crowded. We started a community. New authors came on board to give the place some class. Ultimately, each effort deserved it’s own home. And so I moved them out to set them free.

Back to where it all started

It has been one helluva a lot of work developing these two sites (and launching them) over the last few months. It is great to get them set loose into the wild and hope that life can return to some type of sanity. Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks? Then ya’ feel me.

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My own blog, is now that once again, mine. I wonder? Will I get sad and lonely in a few weeks? Naw… I am sure to think of something to do over there. Thanks to all the supporters over the last year, it’s appreciated.

Ok enough of the rambling, some news is on tap…

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Talk of the Town

Is Google Recommending You Try Paid Links? – some self proclaimed ‘Friday Fun’ Aaron delivered a good giggle, although that may have been exhaustion. Either way..

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Is Google a search engine based in Mountain View, CA (California, USA)? – was another good laugh from the week past… I just wonder WTF Seb get’s up to when he writes this stuff? Whatever it is, please send me a case bro.

Why LinkBait Doesn’t Translate To Dollars– not all that often that the Gals at Ouspoken have something good n geeky that catches my eye, but this one did. Strategy and goal setting is huge, this post highlights some great points.

SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist – was a pretty damned good piece from the gang over at Raven (a newsletter sponsor). No really, not just saying that… it was REALLY COOL (hee hee… no… seriously..)

Understanding the User Mind Model– Alan was thinking last week… modelling minds even. Huh. Who knew he had it in him? I jest, great stuff Alan. A change from the every-day.

Ho Ho Ho, Go Google Go – seems Aaron was reporting on some ranking anomalies going about. Really haven’t been on the boards the last few days, so it’s always nice to get a heads-up. Time to check all the accounts.

What Do You Really Want From Your Link Builder? – my new pal Debra had some sound if not stern waring variety advice as always. Long time reader know all about content centric programs. There is much to learn from the link Queen, do read it.

Busting Search Engine Optimization Myths – Vanessa was out and about last week and she’s hitting up the business class it would seem. Nothing out of the park really, I just thought it was an interesting challenge writing to that crowd ;0)

The Yahoo Directory is Dying… country by country…bye bye.– this was deffo some interesting news (for the link builders that used it religiously). It seems Yahoo is closing the doors to all but one.

Improved Web Page Classification from Google for Rankings and Personalized Search– Bill’s post this week was certainly worth promoting upwards from Geek Central. We learn one more that there are a lot of ways to skin a cat. Good read… must read!

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Cutt’s Corner

Which types of Webmaster Tools errors should I report to Google?

How long does it take for rich snippets to show in the index?


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/end SOSG session

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