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Weekly Search & Social News: 07/09/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 07/09/2010

It’s time for another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ . Man o man. Can you smell that? The smell of search geekdom of the fall on the rise? Well I sure can. The kiddies are back in school. Search geeks are gathering (conferences, seminars and meet-ups) and we have a new drama du jour as well. WEEE HAAA!! We’re well and truly into the swing. Oh..right… and there were a ton of good readin’ for ya as well… (and crap hat SEO was popular too!)

Let us bow before the gospel of the geek…. and away!

Lead Story

SEO’s social media darling makes big changes

As many of my long time readers know, I am a bit of a Sphinn power user. For those that have no clue what I am talking about, some background. Sphinn is a social media/voting site along the lines of Digg. It was started by the gang at Third Door media (Search Engine Land / SMX) back in 2007. Originally the site was very popular and almost reminiscant of the days on ThreadWatch were peeps from all corners of the SEO/IM world gathered.


That was then, this is now. Things went reasonably well there for the first year or so, but things started to decline after about 1.5yrs. They then decided to try some improvements to see if they could breath some more life into the place. Thus was born, Sphinn 2.0. Unfortunately there were a littany of issues with the new site and that did little to improve things (at first).

Now? Well it seems they have decided to remove voting all together now. This means, essentially, that it has gone from social to a link round up. Members can still submit and comment on posts they deem worthy, but that’s about it. From there the editors will decide which posts are worth having on the site. Here’s some coverage on the reactions for the move;


Is this a bad thing? Who knows. Time will tell. I was quite excited at the prospect of Sphinn 2.0 which also really didn’t go anywhere. As noted in my own post on it, I shall give it the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes.

Enough of the drama du jour, away we go….

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Talk of the Town

The Truth About Competing Pages – SEO Gurus Are Liars – this was a great post except for one thing. The real ‘gurus’ (hate that term) aren’t the ones that put out crap like this. But at the end of the day, there is some related garbage like this and it’s worth calling out.

Bad SEO Advice– speaking of crap hat SEO, Vanessa came across some real beauties last week. If you need a good laugh to start your week off, be sure to drop in and have a read.

Search Engine Marketing Blog Lessons: Tales from the Blogging Trenches– while not directly SEO related, we all know how important blogging can be for your SEO efforts. Virginia has some nice pointers for being effective and being ready for the long haul. Nice stuff V!

How To Use Your Bounce Rate For Link Building Purposes– yea, I know, they said ‘bounce rate’ which is nearly enough to send me into convulsions, but hey, it wasn’t all that bad. Thank goodnes since I really do like Julie… hee hee.

SEO Is Deeper Than What You Read– what the hell? Was it the ‘International Week of Beating on Crap Hats’ out there last week or what? Anyway, Barry covered an interesting WMW thread that lamented the habit of noobs to just take everything they read at face value. Something I’ve gone off on a few times myself.


How to Stop Competitors Copying Your Links– was part of the ‘Bad Ass Seo Blogging Contest’ and well… being a sponsor I am trying not to promote any one story over another. But come on!! This one was just too good to pass up. Certainly something worth considering for those in competitive spaces.

SEO – Standing still is just not an option – if you stopped marketing your company, what would happen? Well, it’s a safe bet it wouldn’t be a good thing. SEO is part of the marketing toolbox and you have to maintain velocity. This post looks at just that.

Day 1 at the SEOmoz Training Raceway – fellow SEO warrior Dana Lookadoo had a nice round up of the first day over at the Mozinar last week. Some great speakers and useful info I thought worth passing along.

Google Experimenting With 20 Search Results Per Page? – huh… this was some pretty interesting stuff that Andy came across. Will it ever make it into the wild? Will if affect traffic CTR? No idea. But I can say that click bias studies show less and less peeps make it to page 2. So I’d imagine it might be a good thing for those sitting in 11-20 positions

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Social Search

  • How do I track that little Facebook “Like” button in Google Analytics? – Web Shared Design
  • MySpace Introduces Sync with Facebook – MySpace
  • Sorry Twitter, You Are Not a Search Engine – Fire Horse Trail
  • and Link Wrapping – blog
  • Facebook Adds Popular News Articles To Search Results – SEL

Going Vertical

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Cutt’s Corner

  • How do PageRank updates work?
  • What’s a good way to kick off a new RSS feed?
  • Is it better to have keywords in the URL path or filename?


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/end SOSG session

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