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Weekly Search & Social News: 03/02/2010

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Weekly Search & Social News: 03/02/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – Hey gang… I am going to keep this short and sweet today as it’s me B-day and I am trying to keep a low profile. Of note, it was on my birthday last year when I started this newsletter…So a happy anniversary to all those great writers out there that keep the SEO space vibrant. This past week was a very good one as far as search geeky goodiness is concerned…

So let’s git r done!


Lead Story

There really wasn’t any big stories last week that I’d really highlight…sigh… So, to get things rolling this week I thought I would spend a few moments to talk about a area most SEOs seem to be lacking in; Universal Search

It is more important than ever to become intimate with your target query spaces in modern SEO. Specifically, is understanding where the universal search results appear and then to ensure your content programs are tailored to make the most of them.

We recently ran a few polls in the Dojo;

Which area are you weakest in?
What would you like to see tested/researched first?

Sure enough it seems Video SEO, among others, is an area a lot of us seem to be weak in (along with another fav; microformats). As search evolves it is going to be more and more important to hit the strong verticals (Video, News). If you haven’t been considering it, maybe it’s time you did.

Oh and for the ‘SEO is dead’ haters? Be sure to read; The Future Of The Internet: Search Looks Bright – as long as search is evolving, so will SEO. Stay on yer toes out there peeps!

And away we go

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Talk of the town

How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web – was an article on Wired that looks at some of the historical perspectives on Google search. While it is a fairly kick ass offering, I would have added more than a few items…all in all, a good post.
7 Ways To Beat The Challenges Of SEO For Ecommerce – one area we don’t see a lot in the blog-o-sphere is ecom. As such it was nice to see a post that deals with some of the content and linkage issues surrounding ecommerce. A good read.
How to Deal with Expired Product or Auction Pages – while we’re talking about ecom, I thought to also add in a post from Michael (Gray) on dealing with expired product pages. There are a few school’s of thought on this one, mostly a strong post though. (some folks advocate leaving the pages… just sayin).
SEO Dojo Review: SEO Training for Search Warriors – yup, it’s a post pimpin’ my little SEO community, but hey, I’m a proud poppa!! Thanks a bunch to the gang at WS for the luv. It was way too cool!
3 Steps for Optimizing Content for Long Tail Keywords – speaking of WordStream, seems Ken is on a blogging world tour lately. This time he’s stopping in to SEO Book. Great post from a guy that knows KWs.
The Problem with Testing in SEO – oh my… this is one of my FAV topics. Certainly one I was planning on writing up for the SEOBS blog. As for this entry, not bad… makes a few sound points. Thanks for the warm-up bro!
Google & Microformats: Drive More Traffic – while some of Yoast’s stuff is hit and miss (still references KW density in his ‘WP SEO’ guide for example), I can’t stress enough that microformats are going to be an important
How I Ranked Number 1 for [YouTube] and How to Get the Most out of Google News – was an entertaining and enlightening post from the gang over at Link Assistant. I believe it’s a guest post actually. But either way, Video and News are a few verticals we don’t hear enough about. So I thought it worth passing along.
SEO Priorities: Task ROI – a post from yours truly over on SEJ that deals with some common issues when we do SEO from the void. I wanted to get out there some concepts relating to prioritizing tasks in an SEO program. Please give it a read wontcha?
Basic Keyword Research To Determine Niche Potential – I must say, I hadn’t seen many SEO related posts over the last while from my pal Dazzlin Donna. It’s always nice to see on of my fav SEO’s back out on the trails. Great stuff DD!
How We Got a Link from the New York Times – for the link stalkers out there the gang at WordStream outlined the process they used which netted them a nice link from the NYT.
Yes, More Are Seeing A New Google Look-And-Feel – this was an interesting post that has some screens of what seems to be a new interface coming to Google search. Sure, not big news, but interesting none-the-less.
How to sell SEO Services – a fun tongue in cheek post from Tim Nash on… less than stellar marketing tactic. He takes apart a sad email spam attempt from those crap hat SEO companies that we all know too well.
Short Vs. Long Tail: Which Search Queries Perform Best? – yup, Tom (from WordStream) was at it again, this time over on Search Engine Land. Keep the tour rollin’ brother!! (and the great posts).


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Search Stuff

Get yourself a smart robots.txt – Sebastian’s Pamphlets
Defending Against Proxy Hijacks – Search Engine Roundtable
Holding Back the Rise of the Machines? – Noisy Channel
Google Reader recommends articles – Geeking with Greg
How a Search Engine Might Weigh Pages with Relevant Annotations Higher in Search Results – SEO by the Sea.
Diff Between Link Farm and Blog Farm – Best SEO Blog
Anatomy of a Web spam campaign – best SEO blog


Social Search


Local SEO


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Competitor Manager – Raven SEO Tools
 6 Ways to Extract All Links from the Current Page – SEJ
Finding Links by Studying your Competitors – OgleTree SEO
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/end SOSG session


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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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