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Weekly Search & Social News: 01/12/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 01/12/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – We’re all back in the swing of things after the holidays, although I am still getting caught up over here…sigh. Anyway, it was a pretty good week out in the blogosphere and somewhat drama-free, (always a good thing). While there were plenty of interesting blog posts, the rest of the search geek world was still somewhat sleepy (other than some interesting patents).

Without further adieu, the best from the week that was;


Lead Story

Do domains get re-set when they’re purchased?

This is an interesting topic that was broached in the post; Games with Dropped / Expired Domains Still Work.

I wanted to highlight this one as it is often believed in SEO circles that they are indeed reset. Is this the case? Nope.. it most certainly isn’t. I have seen many instances, some as recent as last month, where people have purchased the domain, changed ALL the content and didn’t even bother redirecting the old pages.

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Result? Still ranking for some pretty good terms.

It most certainly does appear that the old links and authority is still passing to the domain. As mentioned in the post, there are black hats far and wide that use this method (as do some of us reg peeps too!). This is another classic case of not believing everything you read out there…


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Talk of the town

Internet Marketing posts 2009 – this is one SERIOUSLY massive round up from fellow warrior Tamar. Great stuff, being some popcorn, it’s a heluva ride!
In-House SEO Reporting: Guide To Succeeding Where Others Fail – while I’ve not been part of the in-house crowd, I thought this post would be a good one for those that are. A worthy addition.
On Becoming an In-House SEO – and since we’re on the topic this week, Richard also had a great post worth checking out.
Foundem vs Google redux: it was a penalty! And search neutrality is at stake, dammit! – the gang at Econsultancy had a riveting post that’s a part of an ongoing dialogue. Surely better than the average every-day drama in the search world… hehe…
What does an SEO Strategy look like? – friend of the FireHorse, Ben McKay, was putting together a strategy outline for his company and was looking for feedback. I’ve already come on board and offered some help, so why not drop by the post and offer your own 2c?
Link Building Trends For 2010 – the entire crew of link builders at Search Engine Land offered up their thoughts for link building in 2k10. I must say some very solid advice all around… Kudos on that!
Dispelling a Persistent Rel Canonical Myth – over at SEOmoz there was a good post that gives some insight and realities of the rel-canonical tag.
Google Caffeine Results Now Going Live? – Barry has been following some of the ‘buzz’ (pun intended) on the boards that we may now be seeing more of the roll out. Let the tin foil accessory making begin!
Microsoft Bing Says They Are “Fairly Slow” – also from Barry, an interesting statement from the folks at Bing… so strange.
Why are we so afraid of Linkbait? – I wanted to highlight this one as the term has often had some negative connotations, which it shouldn’t. Methinks we need to use a different term in 2k10.
Will Google make page speed a ranking factor? – while we haven’t had the official word on this being implemented, Eric (Ward) has some pretty interesting evidence of Google’s new – Need for Speed!
Recovering From Being Hacked – well known IR blogger and recent Google hire (good call peeps), Daniel Tunkelang had his WP hacked and whacked with some ‘a spam link injection attack(s)’. See? It can happen to anyone, even Googlers!
Shouters and Influencers – long time search geek but recent to the blogosphere, Kay Dinsdale, had another thought provoking post which looks at sorting the signal from the noise in the search media/blog world.
How to use the SEO Method – wow, what can I say, this is easily one of my FAV posts of 2k10 already. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; testing is nearly impossible and people just don’t get it. Thanks MM…
Search Geek Picks 09 – I did a bunch of round ups last week on the Trail from what I felt were some of the best posts we covered in the newsletter from the past year. Here they are;
  • Top Posts of 09
  • Local, Social and Tools
  • SEO on Video 09
  • Google Search Patents
  • Microsoft Search Patents
  • Yahoo Search Patents
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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

The best way to search for patents – SEO Mo Fo
How to cleverly integrate your own URI shortener – Sebastian X
My ’70s Schoolin’ (in RDFa) – Danbri’s FOAF stories
Search versus Recommendation: Not The Only Tension – Information Retrieval Gupf
Search Questions for 2010: What’s On My Mind – Noisy Channel


Social Search

How to get in Google’s real time search results? – Make it Rank
Peering into MySpace’s collective consciousness with real-time search – VentureBeat
Top 15 Most-Followed SEO Lists on Twitter – Just me and my


Local SEO

Loci 2009: Bill Slawski’s Important Patents of 2009 – Blumenthals
Yelp’s Dramatic Growth in 2009 – Small Business SEM
The Local File – Google Local Business Hijacking Issues – SEO Chicks
Google Back Tracks a Bit on Dropping SEOs & Webmasters from Local Results – Search Engine Roundtable


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Our 8 Most Popular Analytics Posts of 2009  – ROI Evolution
 How to Extract Links from a Page Based on Their Placement – Search Engine Journal
10 htaccess Hacks Every SEO Should Know – Make it Rank
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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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