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Weekly Search & Social News: 01/05/10

Weekly Search & Social News: 01/05/10

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – Happy New Year to those of you now back in the grind… erm… I mean…’swing of things’. Did you miss me last week? Of course ya did! I want to wish all the best to the SEJ readers and search geeks world-wide; I hope 2k10 rocks for you. Oh and my own personal mission is to see less of the BS and drama our industry tends to have… Will that happen? Not likely. But one can dream ya know.

Ok, so last week was a pretty quite one out there as far as things go and that made things ever so much easier for this reporter. I have a feeling this week is going to bounce back with a vengance. The only area that didn’t seem to take the week off was the search patents dept. – we have a few interesting ones there.

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And away we go…..


Lead Story

The trouble with testing

To get the year rolling, why not look at one of my fav pet peeves; testing. There are HUGE problems with being able to test effectively considering the fact we have so few of the variables. Case and point; the recent data published by the folks over at SEOmoz.  In this case the ‘ol ‘PageRank Sculpting’ was being put to (and taken to) task. This one seemed to ruffle more than a few feathers… More details;

Now, for the record I’ve never really been a huge proponent of the concept as I believe proper structure and internal/external linkage is a better way to deal with PageRank management. But, I’ve also never really tested it formally.

What is interesting in all of this is that people are generally whacking the testing on a near personal level, than providing counter ‘evidence’ to the claims. I’d really like to see less of that in the new year. Actually, I made it through 09 without ranting/going-off on anyone… woo hoo!

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Anyway, it was a fun drama to start the year with… let’s get moving along shall we?

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Talk of the town

Talking Google Personalized Search – for those that missed it, yours truly was on SEM Synergy (on Webmaster Radio) just before the break. We were talking about personalized search and it’s effects on the future of SEO. Thanks to Virginia, Brascoe and the gang for having me on!
Is SEO Science or Art? – Aaron looks at the recent hub-bub over SEOmoz’s post that dealt with ‘testing’ of the nofollow tag. Is SEO an Art or Science? Should one REALLY share research data? Why is Aaron ranting? For these answers and more, read the post.
How to Rank Duplicate Content Without Cheating – the AIM Clear Blog had an interesting article on ways you can get around traditional issues related to dupes.
How SEOs Win the War on Personalized & Real-Time Search – looks at another recent Top Story, increased personalization from Google. Dave does a good job of summing things up and has some (Gypsy approved) common sense tips for optimizers looking to deal with the new implications.
What does an SEO Strategy look like? – friend of the FireHorse, Ben McKay, was putting together a strategy outline for his company and was looking for feedback. I’ve already come on board and offered some help, so why not drop by the post and offer your own 2c?
How to Drive More Links Via Public Relations – the gang over at BuzzStream had a good piece on how the PR Dept. (no that’s not PageRank silly) can work together with the SEO peeps for maximum effectiveness (they’re first appearance in the newsletter).
Google Doesn’t Want Searchers To Find SEOs & Web Designers – Matt McGee was musing over some interesting SERPs related to geo-local universal results. It seem’s there are a few query spaces that don’t produce them without the ‘in’ term modifier. Bring tin foil, just in case.
How to treat the Supplemental Blues – Michael (Martinez) discusses some ins-and-outs of indexation, PageRank (the real stuff) and the infamous SI. Oh, and of course, a little more swatting at PR Sculpting gets into the mix …lol…
Link Building this year – Wiep wraps up some of his fav link building posts from 2009. Yes, it’s a flippin’ end of year post, which put me to sleep, but this one has some pretty good articles…
Sanitize links in your content feeds – I have personally been very wary of some of the funky links being produced by services such as Google Reader and everyone’s fav mad scientists of SEO, Sebastian X, has a great post (and WP plug-in) to help sort it for you… Nice one Seb, greatly appreciated!


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Manning on NLP – the Lousy Linguist
Some random NIPS thoughts… – Natural Language Processing Blog
Predictions for Google’s 2010 – Google System
Top 17 Search Marketing and Social Media Research Projects of 2009 – Wordstream


Social Search

Natalie Portman Is Not Dead – Despite What Google’s Real Time Results (Sometimes) Say – Search Engine Land
Collecta Launches Dedicated Real-Time MySpace Search – SEL
A Real-Time Improvement to Google Real-Time Search? – Search Agents


Local SEO


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4 Comparison Search Tools – SEL
Google Analytics Adds New Features – SEL
Our 8 Most Popular Analytics Posts of 2009  – ROI Evolution
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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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