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Weekly Search & Social Coverage: 12/08/09

Weekly Search & Social Coverage: 12/08/09

Welcome ot another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I hope you are well and getting well into another week in the trenches. It was a somewhat quiet week out there as far as kick ass blog posts, (although ‘Dave baiting’ is in season) but we did make up for it with a bunch of tools and even some patents of interest. Of course the big news was from the fine folks at the Googleplex with the announcement that personalized search is now default for everyone; logged in or not.

Anyway, let’s get on with it shall we?

Lead Story

Personalized search starts freaking out SEOs

When the news broke on Friday that Google was now personalizing ALL the results, not just those of people that are logged in, started an all-to-familiar echo in my ears. I could hear it already, ‘Rankings are dead’ – ‘Everyone sees a different SERP’ and the like. You can almost visualize the posts and new services that this would bring.

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I am here to tell you now, that this isn’t necessarily the case. You see, we recently did some testing (2 rounds actually) and found that it was only a small percentage of the SERPs that would change, and that under only certain circumstances. That part, as far as we know, hasn’t changed any.

I’ve spent a massive amount of time looking into how search engines conduct personalization through implict/explicit user feedback… I know that of which I speak.

For more read my post; SEOs guide to Google Personalized Search – Coverage from Pete Young – Oh, and as expected, SEOs are freaking out (apparently)

Now, let’s get on with it shall we?

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Talk of the town

Google Caffeine Now Live On One Google Data Center – for those that care, SEL was reporting on the new DC that it’s living on. I haven’t had a chance to play with it recently… hopefully this week.
Does website structure matter to SEO? – Michael’s entry this week (seems he has one in every edition?)… was dealing with a variety of reasons why you MUST be paying attention to site architecture. I am a HUGE fan of anything not link building.. Site architecture is an area worth nailing.
How To Take Control Of Your Link Building In 2010 – speaking of link building, Eric (Ward) was looking for us all to be more empowered and stop outsourcing link building activities. Considering the value of links, I tend NOT to outsource this stuff…thanks for the advice tho’ Eric.
A Reader’s Guide To 30+ Advanced Search Marketing Blogs – Michael (Martinez) was recently doing what he’s termed as ‘Dave bait’ which seem to be the approach used by Gabs on this one. It’s a safe bet that adding me to a list is a good way to get into this publication… if not vanity, it’s my way of saying THANKS!
Trademark Owners: Get Your New International Domain Names Now! – this is actually a fairly important news tidbit.. I’d advise you all lock up your brands ASAP.
Why Doesn’t Google See My Inbound Links – yes, MM makes another appearance this week (Dave bait seems to be working). This one I think is actually important. Regardless of what those running link index services tell you, there is no reliable way of measuring a link’s value. Read it… Know it… Realize it. M’kay?
Google & Yahoo SERPS Hijacked? – Search Commander Blog was lamenting some malware that he’d picked up somewhere which was causing the SERPs to go somewhat bonkers. I’ve encountered this with a mate in the past … best beware my friends, it’s ugly out there.
“See No Evil” Is No Way For Big Companies To Deal With Search Spam – I did have to enjoy the ride on this one. I am not a guy that deals with a lot of large corp work anymore, and stories like this one are part of the reason why.
Hard facts about URI spam – friend of the Fire Horse, Sabastian X returns this week with yet another geeky tin toil touting post. I’ve been noticing these fecked up URIs over the last while and it’s nice to see someone go off on them… Suhweet!
The Top 5 Reasons we Canucks use Google Differently CanuckSEO – ok, sure… I hate lists as much as the next person, but since this one is from the CanuckSEO blog and I just happen to be one; why not?
An Interview with David Harry; founder of the SEO Dojo – oh yea, did I mention earlier that pimpin’ me is a good way into the weekly edition? The guys at Raven SEO went a step further and decided to interview yers truly… Thanks a bunch Lee, it was fun and an honour!
How a Google Penalty Can Make Your Site Stronger – as a guy that does a fair bit of work with penalties, this post I respected. Ross spins a tale of woe and was some good insight as well… A keeper for sure.
Yahoo and Bing – I thee wed – Pete Young was reporting that the deal is all but final. Let the games begin!
(also on SEW here)
How To Get More Links From Back Linking Competitors – competitive analysis is a huge part of the link building program for me… In this post Debra gives us sound advice on reverse engineering competitors successes.
25 Websites every SEO should know for 2010 – oh, and have I mentioned ‘Dave Baiting’ is in season (hee hee)? Yup, another list that popped up on my radar. And yes, it is a good list, not just pimpin’ for the sake of it.. :0)
Six Years Covering the Search Marketing Community –  a huge congrats goes out to Barry whom celebrated 6 years reporting over on Search Engine Roundtable… Please take a few moments to leave some support in the comments!


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Search Stuff

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Quick Nav LinksTalk of the TownGeek CentralSocial SearchLocal SEOVideosToolsPatents

Search Patents


/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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