Crazy Yahoo Videos Found On YouTube

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Crazy Yahoo Videos Found On YouTube

Like many out there on the web I spend a good amount of my free time online searching YouTube, Flickr and other media sharing sites for interesting tidbits or behind the scenes info on my favorite search engines. Well, being that the info I’m searching for is on search engines, I guess it’s not really free time, but work time, so here goes.

Yahoo enjoys an International dominance of not only social search, but also hipness. Yahoo, Yahoo Japan, Yahoo Korea, Yahoo UK & Germany and other Yahoo properties all seem to have this hip entertainment buzz around them and inclusiveness which Google and other Yahoo competition simply may not.

Why? I think its because of the transparency of Yahoo, which only makes it more of the 2.0-esque social media destination.

If anything, the media which leaves the Googleplex in most cases is quite controlled. Sure there is the Google Dance event held during the Search Engine Strategies San Jose show and other Google happenings. Google is even much more reachable and employees much more down to earth than most people may think.

In my opinion though, Yahoo is just more, … well, a little bit more human. And maybe these videos help to make my point. Here are some wild and crazy videos from the vaults of Yahoo, as found on one of their main video search & sharing competitors, YouTube.

First, the funniest of all the videos I’ve found (and probably the most offending, so don’t watch it if you think you’ll get offended), Japanese comedian ‘Hard Gay’ visits Yahoo Japan (with English Subtitles) :

Secondly, and hardly not as offensive unless you hate TomKat, Tom Cruise visits Yahoo (is that Gaude jumping and screaming?):

David Filo and Jerry Yang Introduce the New Home Page : RAW Footage:

Yahoo Cubicle Craziness:

Getting down in the Yahoo Analyst Conference After-Party:

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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