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Weekly Search & Social News: 12/01/09

Weekly Search & Social News: 12/01/09

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – last week was fairly quiet on most fronts except for the blogosphere which seemed to be churning out the goodiness with no slow down (for the US holiday). My personal fav, of course, was Yahoo’s re-release of the ‘User Sensitive PageRank’ patent (also known as personalized PageRank). This method is used by both Google & Yahoo… here’s some more on Google and Personalized PageRank.

Anyway, let’s get on with it shall we?


Lead Story

One of the more interesting stories last week was the fact that News Corp. is considering blocking Google and working out a (paid) deal with the folks at Microsoft for their various properties. There was plenty of buzz including those that felt it was non-news since Google is the king of the playground.

I think the one thing many folks are missing is the fact that this isn’t about search as much as perception. People have often pointed out that Google is entrenched as a brand. That Bing and Google’s SERPs aren’t that drastically different. This is a public relations boon more than anything. Something to take a slice outta’ the mighty G’s rep dominance.

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So I say kudos to them… I am all for seeing some closer competition in the space and with recent (modest) gains in search share for Bing, this news keeps it interesting. Also, as content developers, it should be VERY interesting should the engines actually respect the access to our information. To me this is good development on a few levels…

Here’s some coverage;

News Corp May De-List Themselves From Google & Partner With Microsoft Bing – SE Roundtable
Will Bing Marry News Corp? – SEO Journal
Microsoft-News Corp. Talks: A Marriage Made in Hell? – Search Engine Watch
Could Microsoft-New Corp.’s Deal Mean Sharing Ad Profits? – Media Post (including yours truly)


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Talk of the town

Germany says Google Analytics is illegal – now there’s a title that gets one’s attention. In an interesting move, Search Cowboys noted a government decision that essentially states that collecting user information without their consent is a no-no. It also seems to be leary of Google’s data gathering in general.
How to borrow relevance from authority pages with 307 redirects – Dr. Evil, ( aka; Sebastian X) was having some fun playing with 307 redirects for fun and entertainment. From a slight to the sandbox to Twitter links, bring some tin foil for this one.
Buy Viagra At – not to lose the ‘fun’ theme, we also had Shaun over at Hobo whom was looking at a site (forum) that was nuked by Google, for all things… Viagra-spam! Who knew? The interesting part is that not the entire site was nuked; just the boards.
Under The Hood: Google News & Ranking Stories – Danny’s series on digging under-the-hood at Google news continued… I enjoyed the whole journey. If he’d asked me, I have a whack of patents on it…(hmmm… maybe a follow up huh?).
SEO Management 101 – What Makes for a Good SEO Manager? – is Richard Baxter’s look at the elements that make a great manager. For the record, I am a crappy boss…lol…
Google Adds Breadcrumbs to Search Results Interface – Aaron over at SEO Book’s look at Google’s recent addition of bread crumbs to the SERPs… He’s always entertaining, thus we decided to go with his coverage (bring tin foil of course).
Why link building may not work – looks at some sound reasoning why one should ALWAYS work at building diversification into their link building. Although we should all know that by now, right?
What Are Google’s 200 Search Engine Ranking Factors? – Barry was reporting that the gang at WPW were trying to nail down the infamous ‘200+ ranking factors’. For the record, they are mixing signals and dampening factors, so it might not work out as envisioned (yet another reason for SEOs to learn more about information retrieval).
Searchers using longer search-queries – as reported by the folks at Search Cowboys. These reports are always interesting and once more bears out the observation that longer queries are still on the rise.
The Top 5 Reasons we Canucks use Google Differently CanuckSEO – ok, sure… I hate lists as much as the next person, but since this one is from the CanuckSEO blog and I just happen to be one; why not?
What does my perfect SEO training scheme look like? – Ben McKay dropped a post on the SEO Scoop which hits one of my fav topics; SEO training. If you’re an agency type, you might want to read this one… a def keeper.
Achieving Strong Themes through Silos and Data Mining Server Logs in the SEO Newsletter – I am a HUGE proponent of siloing (and PR management) and the gang at Bruce Clay are some of the best on the topic. If you learn only ONE thing from this week’s edition, this would be it!
How often should you review your SEO strategy? – is a good post that looks at another area I am a big believer in; quarterly reviews. As Kevin outlines, one should never sit on their laurels – search engines evolve, so must approaches.
Linkbait: The New “Fake!” – as many would know I am a fan of link bait… in all of it’s forms. One of the unfortunate parts of the naming convention, is that all link-bait is associated with crap/evil stuff. Anyway, Ruud had a good post lamenting the age of LB pandemonium.
Spark Something; Like cohesive marketing strategies – hehe… nothing this ol war horse likes better than chewing up screw ups. Amrit did a good job of taking apart some serious FAIL work from the folks over at Erikson… Nice ride (be sure to ‘mount up’).


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Google Linguistics – The Lousy Linguist
Fun with Google, Bing, and Yahoo – Noisy Channel          
GreenPlanetSearch – the award-winning eco-search / green content portal
Online Psycholinguistics Experiments – The Lousy Linguist
Google Awarded Patent for Local Search Integrated with Whois – Domain Name Wire
Cheapflightsfinder – is an interesting travel search engine that re-launched.
BioMedSearch – is a search engine for the bio-med (duh)


Social Search

Social Media Analytics: Twitter: Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics – Avinash
Why my 2000+ Twitter followers doesn’t mean squat! – ThinkSeer


Local SEO


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/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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