Weekly Search & Social News: 05/11/2010

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David Harry
David Harry
Weekly Search & Social News: 05/11/2010

Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – your weekly feast of SEO and social search goodiness. Maybe it was just me, but it did seem a little light last week. Adter 56 weeks, it becomes harder and harder to find new and interesting content that hasn’t already been done to death. Heck, it’s hard enough just coming up with things to write about. Have no fear though, there’s still PLENTY of reading, just not as massive as usual, (some of you saying YAY on that I’m sure…hee hee)

Lead Story

Nada, butkis… a snoozer!

For the first time in some 56 weeks, there really wasn’t anything I’d call a ‘big story’ out there. Sure, Google had the new interface… but even that wasn’t enough to get me going.

So, we’re just going to get right into it ok?

Oh, hey, since I have the space, I might as well highlight the new video gallery over on the SEO Dojo. We put it up last week, drop in for the best in SEO related videos from around the web.

On with the show

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Talk of the town

  • SEO Magic Bullet: 2010 Edition – is a post I put up on the Trail last week to lament the all-to-often occurance of people that take search patents and IR papers as gospel. Just STOP IT ok? Anyway, please give it a read and spread the word!
  • Why targetting competitive keyterms could break your small business – an interesting post from a more recent addition on my radar, Kay Dinsdale. This one tells the tale of woe when targeting top head (generic) terms can break the bank. Start on the long tail my friends!
  • Home Pages Suck On Google – Barry (Welford) had a passionate prose on SEP last week with some analysis on home pages and how blogs tend to have a wider dispersal of links.
  • A Natural Link Love Story – what can I say? An interesting and entertaining post over on SEOmoz from Dr. Pete. I do enjoy posts that play with analogies. Nicely done.
  • Is SEO bullshit? – our pal Goosh, took a second run at the SEOBS blog post from last week. Have no fear, I’ll give u the spoiler alert, SEO ain’t bullshit. Hee hee
  • Blogger Outreach: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly – what gives with all the ‘outreach’ stuff this week? Lol. This entry I found over on 10e20 – a worthy addition to the list.
  • Do results for “SEOBook sucks” prove that Google doesn’t use latent semantic indexing? – oh my he’s didn’t just go there did he? Hugo Guzman was looking at some SERPs and suggesting that semantic analysis isn’t one of Google’s priorities. Interesting….


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Site Performance For Webmasters – Google’s Maile Ohye

Cutt’s Corner


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Providing Search Results

Phrase-based detection of duplicate documents in an information retrieval system


Real time popularity prediction for events and queries

Relevant navigation with deep links into query


Search Results for a topic that include a list of messaging users that have previously searched that topic.

Determining related terms based on link annotations of documents belonging to search result sets

/end SOSG session

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