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As you know, BlueGlass has been running a contest to establish teams for our final quiz, to win one VIP package and 3 full admission passes to our BlueGlass Florida 2010 Conference.
We’ve ended the team portion, and now have the 4 teams that have earned their way into participating in the final quiz! The teams are *drum roll pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase*

  1. #TalkRank– @Thos003 @kristy @supernaut76 @johnandrews
  2. #DAMatBGFL– @lyndSEO @aknecht @jimhedger @robdwoods
  3. #searchlings– @seoaware @steph_woods @vanetcetera @joshuatitsworth
  4. #grilledcheesus– @xgoddessx @SeanWF @ann_donnelly @patlive

These teams now have the ability to participate in part 2- our jeopardy style quiz. If you see your team listed above, please visit our BlueGlass blog and follow the directions for submitting answers for BlueGlass Florida quiz questions.

GOOD LUCK! And may the most savvy team win 🙂

Selena Narayanasamy
Selena is a "many-hat-wearing" digital strategist, consultant, and President of Orthris. She loves taking ideas from creation to execution, and owns multiple publication websites in their infancy. You can find her writing on business and marketing on her personal website, The SVN Project .
Selena Narayanasamy
Selena Narayanasamy

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