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Weekly Search & Social News: 12/15/09

Weekly Search & Social News: 12/15/09

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – Well, maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it was SES, but the world was a little quieter than usual last week. But that’s no problem as the behemoth that is Google put out (yet another?) big announcement/roll-out with Real Time Search. That was enough to feed the savages on its own.

Other than that, it was busiest in the Local SEO world and well… if you aren’t on your game with local… Get on it! Enough rambling, let’s get to it.


Lead Story

Google does Real Time

It goes without saying that the big news last week was Google rolling out their Real Time Search system. Back when Google announced their partnership with Twitter we wondered what they’d be using it for. The social search experiment didn’t seem like it was the entire reason… Now we know…


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And of course some reactions that came along;

  • Observations of Google’s real time search results – Make it Rank
  • The anatomy of a deceptive Tweet spamming Google Real-Time Search – Sebastian’s Pamplets
  • Search & Real Time Madness – Search Engine Land

For the record I’ve only personally done some limited testing. But we did do a lot of it with the other RTS engines back in the fall. As far as stacking up against the competition, OneRiot is likely still a little better…

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Talk of the town

30 Resources on Google, Search & SEO Changes in 2010 – I had been toying with ideas for the usual, ‘end of year’ post and gave it up. They mostly drive me mad. This one though, from Tad, looks at more recent changes at Google which gives us a god starting point.
Google launches new spam industry – while we’re on the topic of RTS, you simply must give Michael’s take on it. In many ways this is really where I see this headed unless something is done to better control what IS and isn’t included in the SERPs.
Why private communities work so well – while I am a relative noob at running a community (less than a year) – I can attest to many of Aaron’s points being why we started it. A good read to be sure (from a guy that knows a thing or two about it).
Why Guest Blogging Is An Ideal Link Building Strategy – as a huge proponent of outreach programs and content placement, I certainly enjoyed this one. If you aren’t using this approach already, it’s one to consider for the New Year.
Cheap SEO For £75/£150 Per Month – I really didn’t know f I should laugh or cry with this post from Shaun, at the end I decided to just laugh my ass off. An all too familiar situation for many of us in this ‘thing of ours’.
Top Searches Can Attract Top Links – once again Deb takes us beyond the everyday link building tactics. This one shares some great ways to generate ideas for your next link bait campaign.
SEO Blogs that accept guest posts – as a guy that is ramping up a guest posting ‘World Tour’ over the next few weeks, it was nice to see Ann helping out with some suggestions for me… erm.. it was just for me right Ann?
SEO Bashing – a long time friend of mine, Kay Dinsdale, started a blog after many years of harassing her. Of her starter action, this one was def my fav. Welcome to the madness Kay!
SEO Accreditation strategy Session – while it is unlikely any time soon, it is always nice to see some of the more prominent peeps in the industry chasing the ever-elusive; SEO Standards
The Media Strawman Argument: SEO is Bogus – Aaron is back for a second appearance this week with a rant at (yet another?) ill informed jackass making blanket statements. Keep it up bro… fight that good fight (tho it will never end IMO).
Personalized Search: Kind of a Big Deal – over on WordStream we had some follow up on last week’s big story; Psearch. Until I’ve done some testing, the jury is out over here.
Permanent Google Personalised Search – A lukewarm introduction – over at Holistic Search, Pete Young was noting some of the coverage last week’s big story. Once more, the jury is still out on this one for me.
Search Engine Optimization Services: Top 5 Reasons – Top Rank has a compelling set of reasons for companies to be using SEO… Not a bad one to send the sales team methinks.. hehe
All You Need to Know About Google’s New Feature Updates – and last, but certainly not least, my SEO GF, Virginia Nussey, laid out all of the updates and announcements from the last few weeks. Lots of good linkees in there as well.


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Search Geek Central


Search Stuff

Duplicate Content Detection in a Web Crawler System – SEO by the Sea
On Linguistic Fingerprinting – Lousy Linguist
Machine Learning with Quantum Algorithms – Google Blog
On the Evolution of Search Engine Rankings (PDF) – Wellesley College
EntityCube – an entity search and summarization engine, which automatically summarizes the Web for the long tail, not just celebrities!


Social Search


Tweetglide vs Twitter For SEO – Andy Beard
Yahoo Adds Twitter To Search Results – Search Engine Land
10 New Personal search blogging SM tactics – SEO 2.0
MySpace or yours? OneRiot improves real-time search – Alt Search Engines


Local SEO


Flights to Chicago: Google Local spam – Dave Naylor
How to SEO for Google PlaceRank – Net Magellan
8 Local Search Case Studies – Search Engine Guide
Where on Earth? Place Pages for Google Earth – Google Lat Long Blog
Google Local Business Center Categories – The Complete List – Mike Blumenthal
New; Region tags – SEO Journal
Online Couponing To Climb Beyond Downturn – Media Post


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Show your live Google Analytics data on blogs, websites, intranets, etc. – YouCalc.com
Google results bookmarklet – Online Sales (VERY COOL)
Search Analytics Recap from SES Chicago 2009 – SEW
How to choose between Advanced Segments versus Profile Filters in Google Analytics – Advanced Web Metrics
5 New Features from Google Analytics – Search Engine Watch
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/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

‘7 Days of Search and Social’ is a joint effort from Search Engine Journal and the SEO Training Dojo to bring you the latest in SEO and Social Search news. Each week (on Tuesdays) we’ll be posting the highlights of the most recent (SEO Geeks) newsletter here on Search Engine Journal.

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