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Weekly Search & Social News: 11/23/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 11/23/2010

It’s time for another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. With PubCon in full swing last week, you’d think it would be quiet out there. Strangely, things rolled along just fine. Really, the only sections lacking this week are the tools and social search areas. Other than that, there was plently to keep a geek thinking. And again, we made it through without any real dramas (woot?).

And away….

Lead Story

Google Fixing Exact Match Domains?

This was an interesting one this week since Matt had been quoted as saying they are “looking into why they rank so well” or something like that. Seriously? I am pretty sure that they know why… pretty sure I do.

Not all links on the web are wrapped in anchor text. A lot of times people are just putting the URL out there (forums, posts etc..) which most applications wrap in the anchor text such as;

So, when this happens, it stands to reason that the anchor text becomes the URL itself. And of course when this is the home page, the domain name most certainly plays into it. This means a lot of pages/sites are getting highly targeted anchors over a less obvious brand based domain.

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Or at least that’s my own personal working theory on it. Can they fix it? I suppose they could simply remove anchor text passing from any link with ‘http’ in the anchor, should do the trick. Will they fix it? Remains to be seen.

Anyway, on with the show…

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Talk of the Town

Stop Comparing Social Media to SEO to Denounce One of Them – Tad went on a bit of a bender with a topic I whole-heartedly agree with. Not only is there a habit of juxtaposing the two, but even bashing one over the other. They are separate and unique marketing areas; nuff said.

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Source Attribution meta tags: solving news syndication duplicate content issues? – if Barry knows anything, it’s Google News. So I would strongly advise following anything he says on the topic. He’s my ‘go to’ guy.

The Super Secret 2-Word Formula for SEO Success – what can I say? I was lamenting to Michael that we miss his wisdom in the blogoshpere. I guess it worked, he gave us another gem (lol).

The blunter edge of the 301-redirect knife – Ok fine, you want more MM do ya? Here’s another (equally important) post. As someone that has done a lot of site migrations, it was an interesting story worth sharing with ya’ll.

25 SEO copywriting tips and content ideas you can implement today, – ok, I do hate lists. Seriously, it was once over-done like info-graphics are today. But Heather, over at SEO Copywriting, had a pretty interesting one last week that was worth sharing. I’ve said it once, I shall say it ad-naseum, have a strong content program. Seriously.

Son of SEO is Undead (Google Caffeine and New Product Refinements) – man, what can we say? Bill (Slawski) has been doing some great stuff as usual. The title’s of the post are even yummy. And hitting Caffeine and product vertical? Golden.

Understanding Word Logic with Google– as a big supporter of semantic analysis and SEO, this post from Ann (via SEP) resonated fer sure. Some great ideas and tools in this one.

Content strategy: building out your content with articles, – did I mention I am a content/word centric SEO? Lol. Heather makes another appearance in this week’s edition with some great goodiness on content strategy. Enjoyed it.

Usability. It’s Not Just for Hippies. – what? Usability? Hippies? The title alone got me clicking in my reader for this one. Seems we’re getting a real ‘organic’ feel to this week’s offering huh? Good post from Marc, give it a read.

How to spam the hell out of Google’s new source attribution meta elements – A highly entertaining post from everyone’s favourite crab (Sebastian). He’s really becoming the king of the tongue in cheek posts lately.

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SEOs Should Focus On Where Google Is Heading – sing it out brother! If there’s one thing we talk about a lot is future proofing one’s SEO. One of the keys to a smart long term program is not only optimizing for today, but tomorrow as well.

Recent Insights Into Search User Behaviour,- is a post from yours truly on some interesting data I recently came across. Later in the week that was follow up with some insight into user behaviour and click bias. All pretty interesting stuff.

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Search Geek Central

Search Geek Goodies

  • Building to Convert, Building to Rank. Website Architecture Strategy – SNC
  • Google Removes 3 Advanced Search Options – Google Operating System
  • 301 Redirect or Rel=Canonical – Which One Should You Use? – SEOmoz
  • Google on Duplicate Content Filtering and News Attribution Metatags – SEO by the SEA
  • Petits fours in your search results – Google Webmaster Central
  • Rejected By Google News? When Do You Apply Again? – Search Engine Roundtable
  • Google Instant Brings Back Search History Suggestions – Google System
  • 71% of Search Marketers use Social Media to Boost SEO – Web Analytics World
  • SEO Considerations in Website Redesign – SNC
  • Segmenting Query Spaces by Audience and Behavior – WordStream
  • Social Search

    Going Vertical

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    Bing Search Update, Google Search Results & Yahoo Clues

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    Episode #14 – Web Analytics TV With Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski

    Cutt’s Corner

    No Matt Sightings last week…boooo…


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    Search Patents

    /end SOSG session

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