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Weekly Search & Social News: 11/16/2010

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Weekly Search & Social News: 11/16/2010

It’s time for another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. There was plenty of search madness going on again last week, even though PubCon was on, which tends to slow things down. Seriously, the last while has been chock full of changes and a distinct lack of drama, ya just gotta love it.

Lead Story

It’s all semantics to me

This week I am gonna’ start off with my own stuff. Yup, he’s doing it again. But hey, give me a break huh? I’ve done like 70+ of these and rarely use it as a platform ok? Thanks.

Last week I put a post up on WordStream’s Blog about Semantic Analysis and SEO, not unlike one’s from the past on Search Engine Journal, SNC and my own blog. Yes, I have been known to go a bit mental over it. With good reason I believe. One of the simplest cornerstones of search are words. Words, concepts, theme, meanings and inference.

This means one of the cornerstones of SEO would be the words/phrases we use in the content, in the anchor text, KW research and more. But is it? As a fella that’s spent a lot of time around the SEO community, I’d say no. Actually, let me re-phrase, I believe a lot of SEOs get it, they just don’t always translate that into their programs.

Anyway, here’s some of the reading on semantic analysis of late that should help focus your efforts;

Now I shall return you to your regular programming. Be sure to start getting more focused with on-site and semantic concepts. It WILL pay off int he end.

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Talk of the Town

How to Get Your Community to Build Links For You – was an interesting member post on the ‘Moz looking at some good ways to increase community activity and build links as well.

A letter to the Googles, From (Mini) Me – Ian (Lurie) had a good post lamenting (as many do) the state of the Google index and how it;s hard to play ‘by the rules’ at times.

Canuck vs. Yankee Beers: on! – LOL. Ok now seriously, how’s this NOT Dave-bait? I mean Canada AND beer? Man, it’s a damned good thing I enjoyed the post or it would’ve been a shame to leave it off the list this week.

Removing Pages From Google: A Comprehensive Guide For Content Owners – I wanted to include this one as it’s a situation that DOES come up, but isn’t discussed a lot. Good stuff Vanessa, a worthy addition.

The 10 Most Incredible Google Bombs – an enjoyable tale of some of the more memorable Google bombs over the years. There were a few in here even I didn’t know about. Google fixed this? Naw, methinks not, we do this every day, it’s called SEO.

Google Launches Instant Previews – Google’s ‘news of the week’ was an not-so-interesting development in the SERP presentation known as ‘Instant Preview’. Danny has some coverage for those living under the proverbial rock.

SEO is Undead 1 (Links and Keyword Proximity) – Bill (Slawski) preaches the Gospel of the geek and further dispels with what we’ve been saying here for a LONG time; SEO is getting more complicated, not declining.

Search Power Plays, And How To Avoid Getting Crushed – was an interesting post by Peter (via SEO Book) that looks at niche/market assessments and making the decision whether or not to even enter the fray.

Key Takeaways From Google’s Matt Cutts Talk At PubCon – It’s always interesting when the Google speaks up. This post from Barry (via PubCon) looks at some of the key points from Matt’s session. Some good stuff here and deffo worth reading.

Changing Site Structures with Care – a good post on the MANY factors involved in making major site changes. This is an area I am well versed in, so I can say with confidence, this is a pretty damned good post. Nice work gang.

The Art of War – SEO Style; Laying Plans – is a series I started that takes the classic ‘Art of War’ and breaks it into SEO concepts. I also posted the second part; Laying Plans III & IV

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Calculating and Improving Your Twitter Click-through-Rate – SEOmoz

Google/Facebook Saga Continues: Google Warns Not To “Trap” Your Data – SEL

Going Vertical

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Keywords and the future of search marketing

How to Optimize Your Online Store with Rob Snell

Introducing Instant Previews

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Cutt’s Corner

No Matt Sightings last week…boooo…


FREE Google Video Sitemap Generator Software – Reel SEO

Check your competitors’ rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and 700+ search engines – Link Assistant

Announcing Google Refine 2.0, a power tool for data wranglers – Google Open Source Blog

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Refining location estimates and reverse geo-coding based on a user profile

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Reconstructing a search query

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Predicting and ranking search query results

Context-sensitive query expansion

/end SOSG session

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