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Weekly Search & Social News: 11/09/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 11/09/2010

It’s time for another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. What a week… I mean like, WOW. The SERPs continue to change over at Google. This is certainly something to do with the Caffeine update if you ask me. There was just a TON of buzz around the changes of late. This week’s edition is truly a worth one.

I hope you’re keeping well. On with the show;

Lead Story

Google Local Goes Mad

Or at least a lot of SEOs have. This was certainly one of the bigger stories last week, but is this really a problem? Is this as bad as some have made it out to be? I don’t think so personally. To start with SEOs tend to freak out everytime Google makes a change. Not sure why, adaptation is a huge part of our job over the last few years. The sky surely isn’t falling.

Another thing to remember from past SERP updates, is that they start strong and fade. We have seen a strong opening volley from realtime search and the other universal elements in the past. Which means this one may also become less prominent over time.

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Some posts;

This does seem to be limited to query spaces that seem to have an obvious localization aspect to it. We aren’t seeing them in the more generalized and informational query spaces either. We shall be watching this one, but at this point just one more in a line of adaptations to this thing of ours.

SEO is dead? Yea, right. Just keeps getting more complex if you ask me.

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Talk of the Town

Google Replacing Page Titles in Search Results With On-Page Headings– this is something we’ve seen in Bing for some time now. Interesting to see Google at it as well. Will this affect the ranking power of TITLE elements? We shall see.

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Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing "Total Links"– another interesting update to the Google links in WMT, the problem is that these numbers have been wonky in the past. Not sure I trust the data altogether.

The Art of the Landing Page– enjoyed this offering from my good friend Gabriella. We’re always striving to create a page that’s good for users and engines, some great advice in this one to get closer to that point.

The Accidental Link Request Clinic– Jennifer (via SEJ) looks at the art of link request emails. Some best practices and some HOW NOT TO do it lol. Enjoyed it, worth sharing.

A Month Later, Instant is Having No Impact on Searcher Behavior– This one was interesting as some of the (SEO) Dojo gang had been talking about the fact that a lot of people don’t even look at the screen. Great study, deffo worth reading/bookmarking.

Google Ranking Internal Pages Rather Than Home Pages– was an interesting sighting from Aaron (and others) on what could be a new implementation (I like to wait a month or so). But either way, the number of SERP changes lately is interesting. Another good post on it it; Is Google Testing CTR with Internal Pages?

Talking RDFa

We have a little mini-section here this week as there was a fair bit of chatter on a topic we’ve been harping on over the last year or so; RDFa/Microformats. This is certainly an are that is sure to continue to grow. Here are a few good posts on it from the week past;

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/end SOSG session

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