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Weekly Search & Social News: 10/19/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 10/19/2010

Hello to you my weary wandering web warrior it’s time for another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. Last week awas actually a particularily busy one out there and as such, many posts that didn’t make the list. It has been a while since I actually fely bad for having to chop some stuff. It was the kind of week that can overload even the obsessed like me. And to top it off? No real drama’s to speak of. Also nice to see the search industry has gone maybe 3-4 weeks without one.. Huzzah!

On that note, let’s get straight into it;

Lead Story

Google Bombing is Back in Style

Ya’ll remember Google bombing right? The concept was simple. You get a ton of links to a given person/page with anchor text that is less than flattering. The classic example was for George Bush’s White House page (‘miserable failure’). This works because of the weighting Google gives to anchor text. The page doesn’t even need the text to be present to rank it in this way.

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Notice how I sad ‘works’ and not ‘used to work’? A few years back Google told us that they had taken steps to stop this behaviour. While some folks took that at face value, many of us knew that this wasn’t the case. You could STILL rank pages for terms, via inbound anchor text, that wasn’t present on the page.

Then there was this the other day – A different way to make a big difference in 2010

WOW. I am thinking these folks didn’t get the memo huh? It is kinda cute in that they go on explaining about how search engines rank things, in this case anchor text weights, in a fairly simple and matter-of-fact way. I wish I could do that. Sigh.

I do wish them all the luck in the world with that… I don’t think it’s going to work out so well. You see, this new landscape of the social firehose is great for getting the word out, but it also can get to the wrong peeps. I spoke to a Googler over the weekend and they were all over it already. Seems they’d caught wind of it in short order. Whoops. Sorry Charlie.

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Anyway, just something I found amusing, let’s get on with the show here.

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Talk of the Town

Stop Chasing Traffic; Practice Human Powered SEO – Tad had some interesting points in this one as far as how, as SEO has evolved, relationships and interactions have become an important part of building a following (and one would assume links) towards an improved SEO program.

Are We Getting Mixed SEO Ranking Signals? – Eric Enge looks at some common signals or non-signals that we might not be looking closely enough at (such as nofollowed links). I agree with a few, disagree with others, but all in all, good to make us think deeper, so it’s worth sharing.

SEO (Usually) Does Not Create Demand – Aaron wrote a good post (does one ever get tired of saying that?) on the Book about understanding the fine points of SEO and it’s role in findability, not in creating demand for an offering. Most certainly worth a read.

A Tactical Guide To Becoming An SEO Ubergeek – Ok, sure, I wrote it (on Search Engine Land) but this is MY newsletter right? And if there is one thing I go on about on and on and on… is that SEOs need a better grounding in the world of information retrieval. In this offering I put forth a ton of great resources to get you on the path to uber-geekdom! Go now.. get started on your path.

How To Help Search Engines Understand Your Content – Steven is at it again, (talking search instead of web dev) and we’re listening again. This time he’s getting into information architecture and silos (ugh, hate that term). Certainly some good stuff here for those that aren’t already up on their IA chops.

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Site Architecture for SEO – Speaking of site architecture, (did I mention I am big on this?) it seems Rishi (Lankin) was also getting into it as well last week. This is important stuff folks.. seriously. You’d be amazed at the results I have achieved from re-structuring a site’s architecture along (35% search traffic increase, month-over-month). Read it… be it baby! Important stuff alert!

Clickthrough rate affects your rankings on Bing: Why you should care – while I personally think Bing has gone bonkers lately (announcing CTR and Facebook as signals; which begets spammers) I still felt it was worth highlighting this post as it hits one important point; Bing is NOT inconsequential. For the first time in many years, I am actually advising peeps to target them. So, this one makes the cut on that level alone.

Google Maps Rich Snippets for Local FAQ: Testimonials to be Treated as Reviews, – This post from Mike Blumenthal was promoted from the ‘Going Vertical’ section this week as it is not only a great post, but hits a few of the more important areas of SEO these days. Microformats and Local. Read it… learn it… implement.

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7 Fixes to Communication Problems with SEO Clients – Amen Sista’ sing it out! Sure it’s not a knock yer socks off post, but MAN, can many of us relate to this one. It can be a real problem at times breaking SEO down into lay-person terms for clients. As such, this one just had a feel-good, ‘I’m not alone’ feel to it. Worthy of inclusion on that alone.

SEO Dojo Radio; Search, Social and Jill Whalen too! – last week on the podcast, the regulars were in fine form and in the second half of the who we were joined by everyone’s favourite white hate warrior; Jill Whalen. All in all, it was a great one if I do say so myself ;0)

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Bing and Facebook: Search More Social

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Cutt’s Corner

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How long does it take for rich snippets to show in the index?



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/end SOSG session

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