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Weekly Search & Social News: 06/15/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 06/15/2010

Hello my faithful web wanderers and welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – considering it was conference madness for the North American market, there was still a fair bit of good geeking to be had last week. From hacking for SEO to testing, Yahoo and FaceBook.. to Bing getting more social, plenty here for all. I hope this week’s offering finds you well… have a great week and play safe out there m’kay?

Lead Story

SEO testing back in the news

For long time followers, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise I find most SEO testing to be bunk. It’s true. There are those that feel I am one of the geeks that does a lot of testing. Problem being of course that I believe it to be ‘research’ not really testing. You see, there are two simple problems; isolation and scale.

We cannot isolate any single or even a set of signals to be able to really get any definitive answers. Consider not only the 200+ factors, but also elements such as site age/authority, link profile valuations, query space competitiveness and more. Then throw in scale; the fact that we’d need hundreds of variant websites to gather the data from.

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It is not only daunting, but it says here that it is all but impossible to glean more than some insights, not definitive answers. To that end, I tend to be against posts that present data without these qualifiers.

A recent bit of ‘research’ done over at the Moz and subsequent commentary, makes the point well… we must be careful what we state in this industry.

It simply highlights that we can NEVER take things on face value- no matter what the source (including yers truly)

..and away we go…

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Talk of the Town

Hacking for SEO – BEWARE of the Crap Hats – This little ditty is one that I ADVISE READING. Not because I wrote it, because it is damned important. Getting hacked for links and nuke by Google can happen to anyone. Be aware and be prepared.

Government to classify search marketers – this is interesting given there are many out there that don’t really believe SEMPO speaks for them. Be sure to get involved and add your own 2c on it all.

Survival SEO Strategies; The May Day Update – while I can’t say I am 100% on board with the assessment, Richard does have one of the better theories/analysis on the whole MayDay (crap hat) update.

Another 10 Ways Search Engines May Rerank Search Results – I simply had to promote this post from the search geeks section as it holds some of the more valuable areas of geekdom over the last few years. Bill does a great job and once again highlights these are POTENTIAL elements based from what we know.

CSS Image Replacement: When Did It Become Black Hat SEO? – brother Goosh had an interesting article that really didn’t seem to get as much buzz as it maybe should have last week. It’s a good read and something we’ve seen more of lately (silly things being lumped into the ‘black hat’ pool).

My Quality Link May Not Be Your Quality Link – Julie (Joyce) looks at some of the variants for link valuations in an effort to highlight that in some situations, all things are not considered equal. A short post, but still one worth reading.

SEO & Social Media Track: Show Me The Links: Real Life Link Building – Ok, long time readers know I don’t cover a lot of conference live blogging, crap, I don’t even go to them, but this one is worth it. It had a few of my fav peeps presenting and another one of my all time favs providing coverage (via BC blog)

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How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958,373 Visits from Google – Glenn shows us a GREAT example how planning ahead and researching events can put you in a GREAT position to capitalize, often with far less work than chasing existing terms. Nice stuff really.

Google’s Encrypted Search Seems to Stop SEO Poisoning – Yahoo! News was reporting some interesting (beneficial) side effects from Google’s recent addition of encryption. It is a topic I’ve not heard a lot about, so worth mentioning here.

Was The Google Mayday Update A Complete Failure Then? – while I wouldn’t go as far as calling things a ‘failure’ because of this, it is nice to see that Michael is still busting Mahalo’s balls. Lol… we need to put some dosh together to help with his therapy costs (surely they’ve driven him to the edge by now).

Did Google Create a Search Monopoly?– Medi Post had an interesting review of a paper that just drove me up the wall. Sure, I am a bit of a Googly fan boy, but this is just downright stupid. Much thanks to Laurie for bringing it to me.

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