Weekly Search & Social News: 05/25/2010

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David Harry
David Harry
Weekly Search & Social News: 05/25/2010

Hello to you my weary web warriors and welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – as is generally the case when there are (a few) conferences on… the blogging world tends to slow down (with the exception of the coverage of said events). Last week was no different. Easily the most notable story was Google’s announcement of their TV platform. It’s time to take a second look at video if you haven’t yet my friend. It’s also holiday season (last weekend and next) which means this week will also likely be a tad slower than usual… still, there’s plenty of reading for you… enjoy!

Lead Story

Google does TV

At first glance you might think this isn’t really a search issue. But you’d be wrong. VERY wrong actually. Long time readers of this newsletter would be well aware of my feelings on implementing strategies inclusive of Universal and more specifically, video. It is one area that most SEOs are behind in and this announcement just puts more onus on getting your chops up in this area. Now, to get started you can check out;

For years, much like mobile, the internet and TV has been a holy grail which hasn’t really amounted to much of anything. Given the recent developments we most certainly have to start paying more attention as this does seem to have legs.

Does it mean a massive change in SEO strategies? Not really… that is if you’re already looking at video in your content strategies. It will surely offer us new ways to get our content out there and potentially a new leveled playing field to compete with large budget competitors. As with my advice on Universal before it, this is one you might want to look into a little deeper.

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  • The Life Of A Dual Personality Keyword– is an interesting little journey into Kws that can have more than one language profile. Even if you’re not heavily into geo-local targeting, this is one worth reading.
  • Link Building ROI: Measure With Caution– I’ve often discussed task ROI in search marketing, this post looks at potential ROI (and measurements) for the link builders. It is something we certainly cannot over-look.
  • SEO for Google News – Ranking Factors and Recommendations – Our good friend Barry Adams had a great post on Search Engine People that looks at News and Universal search. For those long time readers, this is an area we’ve been talking about a lot this year. This post is a definite must read
  • Link Building Normalization – Tony (via had some interesting analysis and thoughts on link velocity/spikes in this well thought out post. Conclusive? Probably not, but velocity is something worth considering and understanding
  • Big Brand SEO Expert: Dan Perry Turner Broadcasting Interview – an interesting interview via the Online Marketing Blog. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a ton of experience with mega-sites – thus this one was certainly interesting. While much is the same, there are certainly some angles worth learning.
  • Video & Universal; the SEO blind spot – was a post by Terry Van Horne (a timely one too) that is the second installment of his into video SEO (and Universal search). Obviously with the announcement from Google at the end of the week, this one becomes more important. A must read.
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No Matt sightings last week – aghast!


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