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Weekly Search & Social News: 05/18/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 05/18/2010

Hello world, how are we now? Yup it’s that time, another ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – enough reading to choke the geeks and phreaks alike. The week that was had a nice variety of goodiness to keep me happy. And once more, no real drama to speak of (aghast!). That’s not to say there wasn’t some ranting going on, oh we sure have that covered. But nothing that had the gang up in arms let’s say. For the hard core folks, there was a few interesting awards on the patent side of things, be sure to check it out. Anyway, let’s roll shall we?

Lead Story

Don’t over do the interlinking

Or for that matter, the mass attack satellite site approach. Sure, that really is a subjective advisory since I ain’t a fan o’ that approach, but having considerably more eggs in fewer baskets is a wise things these days when it comes to search marketing.

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Point and case being some commentary from Matt (Cutts o’ Googly) last week on a few locales which got into the world of nofollow and interlinked sites. Essentially my read was that clean links on mass networks (that don’t have authority… hehe) can get nailed with a false positive for spam signals.

Don’t freak out – this is for rather larger networks. If you have 5-10 sites, distinct in content and concepts, with content, not just boilerplate, you should be fine. But it you have some legitimate reasons for having dozens of sites, it might be worth looking at any linkage between sites and nofollow where appropriate.

On the other hand, why not just consolidate into a single, likely more powerful, offering? Ya know?

And away we go!

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Talk of the town

  • SEO is a Zero Sum Game – Aaron released another rant against the machine that touches on everything from behavioural data to flux and verticals. Only thing missing was some TV targeting… next time I ‘spose.
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  • Internal Linking Versus RSS & XML Sitemaps – Shaun (@Hobo) looked at some internal linking issues and approaches. While all are quite useful, it is important to always have them as a consideration in the greater scheme of things.
  • Google Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) – this was an interesting and well developed post which seemed to fly under the radar. While I’ve yet to formally test out the theory on some varied data sets, it’s worth sharing so you can do your own.
  • Google went belly-up: SERPs sneakily redirect to FPAs – Sebastian is back and like Aaron, has the proverbial bee in zee bonnet! Please do go and fill the spam report too… just for fun
  • If It’s Too Good To Be Fricking Link True… – Ok, seriously, did someone spike the collective water cooler or what? More ranting? Well, at least from (mild mannered Debra) this would qualify. Another fun read… erm.. or am I getting a little perverse at this all? Meh..
  • How Not to Move a URL: Lessons From the Google AdWords Keyword Tool Revamp Was a kinda cheeky post by Vanessa (over at Nine By Blue) that highlights some SEO Ooops by the Google gang (I thought they learned their lesson after the self assessment?)
  • 5 Questions to ask before starting a Retargeting Campaign – sure, I’ll admit it, this one isn’t exactly SEO, but it was interesting enough that I really felt I’d include it. While not a new art form, it has risen up with the AdWords connection and can be useful to creative SEOs ;0)
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Search Geek Central

Tech Stuff

Social Search

  • New Full Text Research Report on Real-Time Search by Professor Jim Jansen – ResourceShelf
  • Gerry Campbell, & Matthew Gregg – ResourceShelf
  • Google Seeks to Hire “Head of Social”– GigaOm
  • Peak Oil and Social Media Monitoring – Web Metrics Guru

Going Vertical


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Quick Nav LinksTalk of the TownGeek CentralSocial SearchGoing VerticalVideosToolsPatents

Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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