Weekly Search & Social News: 05/10/2011

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Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘. I hope this edition finds you well.

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More Guidance from Google

Right, yes, we did say that we weren’t talking about that damned Asian bear anymore, but seems an abundance of bamboo is still flowing about the web and the damned things just keep on propagating. To that end I give you;

More guidance on building high-quality sites

Interesting stuff in there for sure. Looks like ome quality rater questions, but it’s hard to be sure. Just for fun? Go through a Google SERP and see how well their doing by their own guidelines.

Also, I am not so sure about the “don’t worry about algos” mantra as I find having some insight where things might be headed, certainly helps one avoid issues that often arise for many of the Googly ‘updates’. Strategies that stand the test of time! (huh, that would make a good tagline…)

On with the rest of this week’s goodies.

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Talk of the Town

Due to the lateness of me getting to this week’s offering, I shall forego the editorial insights on the TotT section. Rest assured all the posts are certainly worth reading. So jump right in!

Build Trust–Not Just Links – SEP

Google Panda Update – User Behavior and Other Signals – We Build Pages

SEO Posers! 9 Stark Signals Your SEO Tool Is Futile – Aim Clear

Proven Ways To Use Content To Attract Links – SEL

How To Bake SEO Into Viral-Friendly Blog Posts – Ross Hudgens

12-Step Program to Buy Back Time – SEP

Should Startups Invest Heavily in SEO? – SEP

SEO Lessons Learned Through Pictures of Matt Cutts – SEER

Characteristics of the Google Panda Algorithm – SEO Theory

Quick Nav LinksTalk of the TownGeek CentralSocial SearchGoing VerticalVideosToolsPatents

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Search Geek Goodies

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Going Vertical

Quick Nav LinksTalk of the TownGeek CentralSocial SearchGoing VerticalVideosToolsPatents


What does an SEO copywriter do, anyway?

The Future of Search and Universal Search with Mike Grehan

Cutt’s Corner

Is there an advantage to using rel="canonical" over 301?

How do we report a problem with our search results?

Will Google improve its crawling of AJAX?


Quick Nav LinksTalk of the TownGeek CentralSocial SearchGoing VerticalVideosToolsPatents

Search Patents


Social Search Engine

Social Messaging User Interface

Methods and systems for identifying paraphrases from an index of information items and associated sentence fragments

Systems and methods for detecting click spam

Search over structured data

Entity display priority in a distributed geographic information system

Ranking video articles


Recommending queries when searching against keywords

Search Result Enhancement Through Image Duplicate Detection


Time-based analysis of related keyword searching

PAIRWISE Ranking based classifier

/end SOSG session

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