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Weekly Search & Social News: 04/28/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 04/28/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – it was one of those weeks devoid of ‘ah-ha’ moments nor any real drama-du-jour. Sheesh… c’mon people, pick it up out there would ya? That being said, as always, there were plenty of interesting and entertaining posts. Actually a few good ones on local SEO, which is a new personal fav. I hope you have a great week and find a few nuggets in this edition.

Lead Story

Get Fast Hosting NOW!

OK, admittedly there wasn’t really a ‘big’ story last week, but I did enjoy a few posts that hit what we all knew was coming. SEO powered hosting. A while back Google announced load speed as a (minor) ranking signal. With it, as with most changes, inevitably there will be those that create a new service to suit.

To that end I give you;

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Once more folks, speed is a usability issue that you should be worried about for engagement. It is surely not the domain of the SEO. There isn’t a lot of ROI in that one… there are more important signals to be working on. Don’t bother with friggen hosting talking SEO smack. It just shows how clueless they are. M’kay?


And away…..

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Talk of the town

  • Google SEO Report Card – I decided to go through the recent Google evaluation to see what they were looking at. Nothing earth shaking, but all in all an interesting exercise. Especially the stuff on site links…
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  • Awards Not Transparent Enough – Shaun was taking a stab at the latest ‘company’ to come under fire for ‘ranking/qualifying’ SEO companies; TopSEOs. Meh… sound like a dodgy bunch for sure.(related Sphinn discussions here)
  • Paid Link Noi$e – Julie Joyce had a great post over on SEO Chicks which takes a look at link profile analysis and in specific, link noise. Ok, it might be a little too granular for me to use, but it is an interesting perspective on link building metrics.
  • Who Doesn’t Need SEO – Ross asks a damned good question here. When and how much SEO does one actually need? While not a long post, it does bring a good convo to the SEO world, thus a worthy addition.
  • News Search Optimization and Real Time SEO – I personally enjoyed this one as we’ve been doing a lot of research into Universal search lately in zee SEO Dojo. This one is specifically on ‘News’ and does a great job. If you’re not up on Uni/News chops; what are you waiting for?
  • Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure – is a post I thought worth having as I’ve been knee deep in some site migrations lately. Dan does a good job of going through the thought process behind structure/URL changes.
  • Go Green Or Go Home: Recycling Content For SEO – Ian Laurie dropped into SEL with an interesting post on a concept we don’t see enough; re-purposing content. A def hat tip on this one, something we do, I just never thought to write about it.
  • Search & Social Awards : Vote Now! – our friends at Search & Social have some web awards going on… be sure to drop by and participate – oh, and of course, watch for that ‘Huomah’ blog in the best SEO blog category won’t U? hee hee… a brother needs all the support he can get ya know.
  • SERP Scoring Algorithm – Garry, via SEO Bullshit, had a great post that has enough tech-garble to confuse all but the geekiness among us. And yes, it truly is some bullshit… funny stuff G.
  • Advanced Blog & WordPress SEO – ok, it’s a good thing Tad mentioned they may not seem ‘advanced’ because I was kind of left scratching my noodle – tho, maybe I am just to geekified. All in all though, a damn good post.


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