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Weekly Search & Social News: 04/20/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 04/20/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – It was another interesting week out on the trails with some good posts, some humour, a whack of social and of course, lots of patents (that best part of my week). Starting things off is the new data Google was giving away via Webmaster Tools. I’ve talked to more than a few people that weren’t happy about the data integrity, for my part, I haven’t really dug around enough to have an opinion.

Anyway, on with the show!

Lead Story

Google gives more data

Not surprisingly, the announcement of more data in Webmaster Tools is the lead story this week. What’s the ultimate value? Well that part is still somewhat debatable. One of the problems we’re seeing is that the data doesn’t always jive with the Google Analytics numbers. But hey, that’s pretty normal with ALL data. It depends how it’s captured and calculated;

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It is an interesting development, but the jury is still out on the actual value. What I’d really like to see, in addition to this, is maybe some data on universal search elements. As with all data, get secondary sources. No single data set is reliable enough to be making serious decisions from. I personally am still mucking about with it, but all new data sets I can get with are fine by me.

On with the show!

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Talk of the town

Universal Search for Digital Asset Managers – Terry continued the journey into Google universal search elements last week. This is an area a LOT of SEOs aren’t really considering enough. We’re also doing some hard research at the moment, so look for more of this topic in the near future.

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SEOs Blaming Site Speed For Rankings Already – well, we knew this one was going to happen. I mentioned not getting carried away last week… I’ll say it again; BREATH. I am conducting some tests, and so far the value is negligible.

When Promoting Link Bait, Twitter is King! – while I am not sure this is true in all situations, it’s still an interesting post worth having in this week’s edition.

5 Quick SEO Tricks For AFTER A Post Goes Hot – can you say bait and switch? Lol. Seriously though, this is a tactic I do use/approve of. Especially with blogs. Be sure to review pages that have done well (traffic and links) to make sure you optimize the crap out of it.

Paid Content: the New Paid Link – Aaron’s never ending frustration continues on… Man, we really need to pitch in an pay for some anger management classes for him. Hee hee

Are You Optimizing for Search Engines or for Customers? – is the age old question and this post in a refreshing update to the debate. For the record, we need BOTH. But the main point is to not go overboard since there’s no point in search traffic that doesn’t convert.

Interview With Fantomaster: SES London 2010 (Part I) – what happens when one of my fav blogs interviews one of my fav peeps? You get a great vid that is surely SEO Geek worthy. Gotta love Ralph, one smart cookie.

The Medium Is The Message In Link Building – Julie Joyce talks about diversity in link building in this offering. Considering it is still an area that SEOs struggle with, you might as well give this one a read… helps keep some perspective.

Crawlability Enhancers: 7 Tips for Deep Crawling Success – this is an interesting area (discovery/indexation) I’ve been personally doing some research into lately. This post is actually quite important for those that aren’t actively seeking better craw-ability. Read it!

From Web Developer to SEO consultant – the gang at Bruceclay.com.au had an interesting post that rings true with a lot of SEOs that come from the world of web development. Yup, that includes yours truly :0)

301 Redirect Test: How Much Link Juice are YOU Losing? – as with other studies, it seems that Google does a MUCH better job of handling them compared to Bing/Yahoo. Interestingly, this is a topic we’ve been talking about a LOT over the last few weeks. Definitely an interesting read.

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Ten Top SEO Blog Content Strategies – I had a good laugh when I read this big list of Top 10 crap you can write for the SEO community from John. Woo hoo… you tell ‘em brother (I sure hope he WAS joking at least).

Want Big SEO Results? You Need Big SEO Ideas – ok sure, for me this wasn’t exactly a watershed moment, but for the uninitiated, there are some good strategy talking points here. All in all, a worthy addition.

Search Geeks Speak: Do Rankings Matter? – some analysis on a recent poll we ran in the SEO Dojo to see where people stand on the whole, rankings are dead debate. Apparently the reports of it’s demise were premature.  


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Search Stuff

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