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Weekly Search & Social News: 04/13/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 04/13/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I hope it finds you well. It was a somewhat quite week on the blog goodiness last week, but there were a TON of patents from the big three…which makes this geek all giddy. The main story, for what it’s worth, was Google announcing the load speed signal. On a personal level, being a Canuck and all, the weather is picking up which also has be smiling…

Anyway, let’s get into it shall we?

Lead Story

Run for the hills load speed is here!

Or at least that is some of the perceptions we’re soon to hear. You see, late last week Google finally confirmed what we’d been expecting; that page load speed is a ranking signal. I can already see the spate of crap hat SEOs that will be touring this and of course offering corresponding services.

Here’s some goodies;

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Now, it really does bare mentioning that there are a LOT of signals that Google uses in their rankings that we don’t go too far out of our way to optimize for… What I like to call; Task ROI. What this means now, is that we also need to consider this when we’re looking at this one.

From what we know, it would be the extreme situations (horrid load times) and select query spaces where this is more important. I wouldn’t go about re-developing an entire site unless you are in the bottom 10% in a given space. There are still better things to be doing (from an SEO perspective) than this.

All of that being said, it is still good webmastering, and worth at least looking into. Just don’t get too crazy, m’kay?

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Talk of the town

DIY SEO Software Reviews – Aaron Wall looks at the new service recently started by Patrick Gavin and partners. It is what it is… not a replacement, but potentially useful for those in the low end budget world or noob webmasters. (haven’t checked it out myself).

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Eight Emotional Stages of an SEO Contract – ok, who needs a good laugh? I must say, while not geeky, I did get a heluva laugh from Alan. Thanks brother, your pain was my giggles.

Wake Up Suzy – Wake Up! – Managing SEO Client Expectations – as a sister post, Alan also had a more serious post on dealing with clients. This is a GREAT topic and one that we don’t usually see enough of. A good read.

Why big brands need SEO – Speaking of clients, obviously Kevin isn’t working with MacDonald’s. In this post he uses them as an example of why brands should be doing better with SEO…and gives some good examples.

Report: Some Google ‘Hot Topic’ Searches Return 90% Malicious Links – is some interesting reporting from Barry over on SER. Kind of shitty really… yet another reason why spammy crap hats piss me off. Nuff said.

Survey Results: The Most Annoying Part of Search Marketing – the gang at WordStream posted some results of a survey they recently ran. Not surprisingly, link building still tends to be one of the areas a lot of people struggle in.

Forecasting Seasonality for SEO Campaigns – this one I also found interesting as I’ve been research universal search, which is somewhere we see a LOT of movement from seasonal flux. A worthy addition to this week’s editon.

Google secretly tests feed of hotel room prices in natural search results – speaking of universal, there were some interesting additions to the hotel space noted last week. Something we may see in other local and ecommerce query spaces.

Rankings are not (that) important – CJ continues a recent discussion making the rounds about the value of rankings in modern SEO. I tend to be somewhat more in-line with her thinking, that they may not be a KPI, but do still hold value.

Link Building for Image Rich Websites – is a great post from link geek master Wiep Knol. This journey is an interesting approach for a market one might not always think about. A good addition to the newsletter this week…

Surviving a Site Migration [An SEO’s Guide] – this is one area that is VERY important. Doing a site migration can cause a TON of problems when not done right. A good round up of potential areas of interest… Read it, learn it.. master it! You will need it some day.

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Is “Yellow Pages” Becoming An Obsolete Concept? – SEL

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Should Restaurants Care About Local Search? – Nine by Blue

Optimizing Your Business Listing for Local Search Supremacy – Search Engine Guide

Google to Offer Local Business Center Webinar to SMBs – Mike Blumenthal

Google Local Business Center SMS Verification Issue – Search Engine Roundtable


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