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Weekly Search & Social News: 03/30/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 03/30/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I hope it finds you well. Once again, like the Trademark guy before it, the SEO world got together again last week. This time it was the drama that was the ‘Verfied SEO Affair’. That one leads the way this week. Even Bill (Slawski) was taking a stand – a fiesty bunch we be! And hey, there are even the usual collection of informative and entertaining posts as always…

I hope you find something of use… or a giggle even.

Lead Story

Verify This

It was probably a no brainer that the adventure of Verified SEO was the lead story this week. For those that missed out, there was a firestorm of a response to a fella that was selling a service to ‘verify’ us for the general public’s benefit.

Of course the problem is that no one had ever even heard of Mr. Preston and he most certainly wasn’t someone we wanted speaking for us. Great scam if you can get it. Pay $99/month and give them (an SEO company) your client info for them to contact.

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Some details;

I had a great time watching this fiasco and it warms the heart to see the SEO community get together en masse for a cause. It is these types of situations that bring us together in what is generally a clique-ish world in this thing of ours.

Great fun… now on with the serious stuff…

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Talk of the town

Best Practices for Building Scalable Information Architecture – is a post from old school trouble maker Terry VanHorne. Some great stuff for the geeky. IA is an area I am personally bullish on.

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Site links for directory structures; concepts in IA – speaking of IA, hehe, I had a post on the Trail that looks at how Google can give site links for directories, not just sub-domain approaches. A small, but valuable post (IMO).

Good SEO – Bill (Slawski) had another non-patent speak post last week. I am really starting to enjoy these. He looks at making the case for value in good SEO practices, not that crap-hat approach we all get saddled with.

Will My SEO Company End Up Competing With Me? – Barry was reporting on a WMW thread where a website owner that hired an SEO, worried that they would some day compete with him.

Top 100+ Link Building Resources – A great round up from Kristi over at VM. There are a ton of links and resources on this one… def worth bookmarking considering many SEOs consider link building to be their weak spot.

5 Reasons To Make Sure You’re Deep Linking – while I hope that we all know the value of (and purpose for) deep links, it can’t hurt to have a good refresher course now and again. A good read and even an old horse like me can use posts like this :0)

My Google Local Presentation From Think Visibility 2010 – Tom Critchlow posted his excellent presentation from the recent ThinVis conference. It’s almost as good as being there…or at least cheaper than travelling to the UK :0)

Internal Linking Tactics For Users & Search Engines – seriously, if you’re not up to speed on the benefits of internal linkage, get on it. This post is a good warm up or reminders for the pros, on just that.

When SEO Is Not Really SEO – Alan releases a semi-rant on the topic of half assed SEO. It is a fact of life that there needs to be the time and resources to do SEO well… you can’t just fake it. Nuff said.

Google Gains Try Again Button For Discussion Results – was an interesting development over at Google that does some dynamic query revisions when you bounce back to the original SERP. Will we see this expanded? Only time will tell.

Surviving a Site Migration [An SEO’s Guide] – this is one area that is VERY important. Doing a site migration can cause a TON of problems when not done right. A good round up of potential areas of interest… Read it, learn it.. master it! You will need it some day.

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Are you using microformats & rich snippets to increase clickthrough rates and traffic? – yup, I’m at it again. As any long time reader would know, microformats are something I am on about a lot. The WordTracker blog had an interesting post on CTR around them. A worthy read.

Qualifying SEO clients; keeping Pareto at bay – was a post from yours truly over on SEJ that looks at the problem of trouble clients and how one can (hopefully) avoid them with some diligence at the time of sales.

Qualifying Your SEO Clients: The Intangibles – is a follow up post from Anthony to my Qualifying Clients post on SEJ. Good stuff too…

Is Alexa Relevant in 2010? – was the question Aaron was looking at over on the SEO Book blog. For me, I tend to consider as many different data sources as I can get my hands on.


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Playing the Odds: How Probable Meanings May Influence Search Engine Rankings – SEO By The Sea

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SEO for AJAX – Search Engine Journal

Poll: How Do You Check Pages Indexed By Google? – SER

Internet Search Takes a Semantic Turn – Cog Blog

Social Search

Local SEO

Why The “Location Wars” Spell Trouble – & Opportunity – For Local SEO – SEL

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Bing Maps for Broadcast is now Free!  – Bing Maps Blog

Google Maps Finally Welcome To Home-Based & Service-Based Businesses – SEL

Google Local Business Listing Anomaly – Web Toastie

Local Search Recipe: How to Track Local Analytics With WordPress…And Make Pies – SEJ


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State of SEM Discussed (with stats): Interview with the President of SEMPO on trends and industry growth.

Recent Developments in Deep Learning: The talk will show how to introduce multiplicative interactions into the basic learning module in a way that preserves the simple rules for learning and perceptual inference.

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Cutt’s Corner

Should we be worried about a penalty if we quickly removed hacked content?: Matt discusses how Google handles malware found on a site.

Can I make sure Google always uses my meta description tags for snippets? Matt Cutts discusses meta description tags and how a snippet or the webmasters description is used.


Google Schmozzles it’s own Analytics – Canuck SEO

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Top Landing Pages Report in Google Analytics – ROI Evolution

10 Fundamental Web Analytics Truths: Embrace ‘Em & Win Big – Avinash

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/end SOSG session

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