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Weekly Search & Social News: 03/09/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 03/09/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – so, how are we now? Last week was a pretty busy one out in the trenches, especially considering that SMX was on (generally slows the blogging world).

I do suggest looking into today’s top story as it’s one that seems to have slipped by the radar… interesting stuff. I am now in the second year of publishing these weekly roundups. I hope yer all enjoying them!

So let’s git r done!

Lead Story

Something fishy from Google

It was interesting that a few weeks back there was a development over at Google that most of the blog-o-sphere seemed to miss out on. For a bit of background we’ve seen a concerted effort over at Google to speed things up including discovery. This includes elements such as RSS for any page, PubSubHubub, Buzz and more. Essentially there seems to be more and more ways that Google can find new information and connect the dots socially.

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So hey…. Did you catch the new protocol from Google? Code named Salmon? I bet you didn’t – so read these;

Swimming Upstream: ‘Salmon,’ Google’s Open Source Social Web Aggregator

You can catch the Google docs on it here, here and here….

This is an interesting component that ties in social into search once again. I shall be digging in deeper over the next week and post something on the Trail about it… This one really does seem to tie into more than a few efforts over there… beyond mere social (think QDF and discovery).

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Talk of the town

Anatomy of a Hands-on SEO Audit; Part 2 – Alan has post his second part of the mega list of doing SEO Site Audits ( a personal fav) and it’s a kick ass series that I’d advise any SEO to read (from beginner to advanced). Even I found a few new ideas.
Using WordPress ping lists – is from a new blog that came on my radar recently and this post comes with a serious ping list that you can add to your own WP install. I hope to see some more groovy posts from these guys.
SMX West: Google’s Personalized Search Revolution – I don’t generally post conference coverage, but I decided to make an exception this time as it is an area close to me heart. Enjoy. (also some good coverage on Bruce Clay here).
Google’s SEO Report Card – in a humorous twist, the gang at Google did an SEO report card on themselves. Seems they failed. What is interesting is to see the actual use of the term, SEO. Something that Bing has been much better at (Google usually refers to us all as ‘webmasters’.
The Hit & Run Snakeoil Salesmen Are Back – over on the SEO Bullsh*t blog, Goosh dropped another post on the world of SEO Snake-oil. I do love busting this crap and I can only hope some day we can eradicate it from the space.
Calling for link spam reports – interesting to see that Matt Cutts and the gang at Google are actively looking for link spam… with help from us. Lol. The fun part? They can’t be anonymous as you have to be signed into yer Google account… hehe… Me? Don’t mind it at all as I don’t use crap hat link building methods.
Stars make search more personal – as part of the ever growing world of personalization, the Google-blog was reporting a new feature – stars. Funny thing that, replaces search wiki and is reminiscent of the SurfCanyon offering. (here’s a good analysis from the SEO Chicks)
Does SEM = SEO + CPC Still Add Up? – Danny was lamenting the fact that more and more people refer to SEM in the same breath as PPC….when in reality, it is PAID and ORGANIC that make up the SEM family. As always, a very in-depth look at how they all fit into the picture. Nice one fer sure!
Learning SEO: It Can Get Noisy – when it comes to learning SEO, one of the few places I’d recommend is the SEO Book community… yup, I have my own community, but it tends to be for seasoned SEOs. So, when those guys talk about learning, ye’d definitely want to listen.
Link Building Master Class – is a fairly lengthy round up of link building resources from Angie, including a linkee to yers truly… yup, Dave-bait still works. This one is good for those that are still struggling with link building (which seems to be a lot of you according to a recent poll I held).
Don’t be Afraid of Spiders: In Fact You Should Lure Them In – was a great post on Vertical Measures that deals with ways to ensuring optimum crawl-ability.


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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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