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Weekly Search & Social News: 02/23/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 02/23/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – it was a fairly quiet week out on the trails last week and there reall were no real ‘zinger’ stories that got the search world in a tizzy (who knew? woulda’ been a great week for some link bait). Heck, even Google was quiet. It seems like they’re announcing something or another on weekly basis; slackers.

But never fear my fine optimizing geeks, due to the bloated nature of my Google Reader this ALWAYS plenty of reading for ye’ll even in a slow week. If I had to pick a fav it would be the whole kerfufful surrounding the ‘500 Fortune companies don’t get SEO’ bit… time to put on the sales hats and hit up the big boys!

Are you ready to rumble? Let’s get it on!

Lead Story

Universal Search Strategy

To lead things off this week I am not really going to highlight any major news. Instead I thought I’d spend a few moments to talk about something we (my SEO training Dojo mates and I) have been talking about a lot lately. Content Strategy. More specifically, tailoring your efforts towards maximizing efficiency for Uni search.

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We really do need to start back at the basics. The SERP. All to often SEOs get lost by the reams of data that tools and analytics spit back and forget about the basics; the actual search results. In the modern world of search one really needs to be intimate with the query space to understand when and were the universal results show up. This is paramount these days.

Once you have that… it is time to try and best ensure that you have content that will target these elements. If the space has video, news, images or local; know it well and build out content to maximize visibility… Believe it or not, you can actually get a page ranking in the Uni SERPs as well as media from the page. How about an indented listing AND a video? What is important to understand is that there are MANY oportunities that most SEOs aren’t nailing…

Think about it


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Talk of the town

Bing in 2010 – a great post from Nichola Stott on Bas’ (formerly of SearchCowboys) new blog. She looks at where Bing is going and how they might some day cut into the market share of the mighty Goog.
Fortune 500 Companies Fail At SEO – is an interesting post that discusses some research on just how clueless some of the biggest companies in the world are at SEO. Uh.. I’ll be right back, I have some sales calls to make…heehee
So you want to be an SEO? – Kay put out a fun little rant and well, we all know I love a good rant. If you’ve ever had to deal with the neophytes on SEO Forums, you’ll appreciate this one.
There is no such thing as magic wand SEO – I enjoyed this one as all to often (especially with patent peeps) folks are looking for the easy road or some magic potion. Simply enough, it doesn’t exist. Nice work Pete!
Grading Google’s Marketing Practices Based On Google’s Standards? – Slaven Radic dropped an interesting post on SEO Book about Google’s latest privacy screw up; Buzz.
Is Google Referrer Spamming Too Now? – one of my fav ranters, Michael VanDermar picked up on some interesting goof-ups from the Google gang. This one was a fun ride and even the Googlers responded apparently. Give it a read.
Comparing SEO Business Models – last week our SEO Dojo chat session was about the Business of SEO and this article was well timed. Certainly an area not discussed
Examining the behaviour of people who use different search engines – ooooo… if there’s one way to get my attention, it’s writing anything to do with behavioural. Patrick’s post was short, but interesting.
The Key To Top Video Rankings On YouTube & Google – as long time readers of the newsletter might have noticed, we’re including more and more items on Video SEO. Content strategies that maximize the use of universal SERPs are becoming more and more important this year. Def one to get up on… this post is a great start.
Attention Prospective SEO’s: Please Know What You Are Applying For! – Since we were already on the topic of the Business side of things, a new fellow on our radar (Goosh) had a nice post on hiring SEO staffers.
How We Got a Link from the New York Times – for the link stalkers out there the gang at WordStream outlined the process they used which netted them a nice link from the NYT.
Are You “Google Pagerank Certification”? I Hope Not – Search Engine Roundtable was reporting some funny/interesting/troubling news… read it to believe it (or not).
The liability of loathsome, link-level web spam (SEM 101) – the Bing blog was back on the spam trail this week. If yer a spammer or not, it’s always a good idea to know where the lines are.
10 Questions to Learn Your Niche – was a good post from Julie Joyce that had a good post on some great starting points for any SEO program. Sure, not uber geeky, but def some solid advice.
Thank you nurse but I’ll take over from here – ‘The Hodge’ (of ThinkVis fame) took the boots to an SEO that was spamming the gang. He made a shining example of them and some serious crap-hat SEO tactics. Ouch… that’s gotta hurt!


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/end SOSG session


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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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