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Weekly Search & Social News: 02/02/2010

Weekly Search & Social News: 02/02/2010

Welcome to another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ – I hope it finds you well. We’ve made it over the hump and January is in the bag. That means the year is in full swing and there should be no excuses for not having great posts out there. Unless, well, yer like me and entirely swamped. Sigh…Ok, fine. We’ll not stress it.

Last week was though, somewhat quiet out there. Not a ton that jumped out at me from the blogosphere and really only the IR/Geeky world and Social Search seemed to make their average goodiness. Even the patent world was slow!! Dammit!! This all has me thinking of expanding on the hundred or so blogs I follow. If you know a good search blog that may not be on my radar; send me a Tweet @SEOdojo

And away we go…..

Lead Story

Microformats on the grow

I don’t think I can stress enough how important it is for SEOs to have a strong understanding of microformats/RDFa. You see, once upon a time, my fav IR geek (Marie Claire Jenkins) and I argued about the adoption of the semantic web. Being in the IR world she would go on and on about how great the semantic web is/will be.

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I, for my part, would always take the position that until;

  • Tools and implementation for webmasters became easier we would be unlikely to see much of it
  • Until something happens to create financial motivation for webmasters/companies to implement it, adoption will be low.

Well, more and more the folks at Google have been dabbling in microformats/RDFa over the last year and THIS, is most certainly the type of motivation I am talking about in point B. Followers of the newsletter know we’ve been talking about it for some time now and it can’t be stressed enough that you MUST start to learn more about it. Last week Google expanded their rich snippets approach as noted in these posts;

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And one of the SEO Dojo members, Pete Young, also had a post this week worth reading; SEO and Rich Snippets – Crucial to your 2010 armoury.


It is time for ALL of us to start getting into them… I can’t stress it enough folks… Get on it NOW!

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Talk of the town

Can Too Much Keyword Density Be Interpreted as Boiler Plate Text? – Barry picked up on an interesting thread over at GWC on how high density might actually get one tagged for boilerplate ( a spam signal). Read it. Remember it. M’kay?
No Feed, No Problem – Google Reader Now Tracks (Mostly) Any Website Change – is an interesting update to Reader where one can now create a feed from websites without feeds. For those in the tin foil dept. this almost seems to be part of the ‘need for speed’ as it offers Google new avenues for discovery and page changes beyond traditional crawling.
Archive Dive with SEO Experts — SEM Synergy Extras – whaaaat? A ‘Dave Bait’ sighting? Sure is. Virginia rounds up some of the more interesting interviews on SEM Synergy from the last while including…. you guessed it, yours truly.
7 Do’s & Don’ts For Working With A Technical SEO During A Redesign – is a good round up of advice for ensuring the left hand knows what the right hand is doing during a redesign. It can’t be stressed enough that you involve the SEO team right from the outset with a redevelopment or even a new site.
The Algorithm Chasers – Kim dropped into SEL with this great post that had me worried when I first read the titles (being the algo geek that I am). My fear subsided once I realized that I fully agreed with here assertions. Have a read and let me know what YOU think.
Google Adds Click-to-Call Phone Numbers – it seems every year we hear, “this is the year for Mobile” and while it has never manifested, we still keep hearing it. Will this be the year for mobile and SEO? No idea. But it’s always a good idea to keep up with it…so I thought this was an interesting development.
Google May Be Crawling AJAX Now – How To Best Take Advantage Of It – a while back we heard that Google is getting better at java-script and now it seems they’re getting into Ajax. This VERY comprehensive post from Vanessa is a great look at the most recent developments.
Why Mahalo (and Other Content Scrapers) Render Google’s Spam Team Flaccid – everyone’s favourite ranting mad man, or at least one of my favoutites, Aaron Wall, was at it again. And it wasn’t a new target, oh no, he’s once more going off on the (one time?) enemy of SEO’s, Jason and the Malhalo crew. Ahhh… I love the smell of a good rant in the morning!
Three new myths SEOs tell you – Michael is back this week and hits a few not so common Myths that are running around the SEO community of late. For the record, I shall always be a SEO Geek and won’t be ‘evolving’ into another form of internet marketing any time soon.
What SEO’s Need to Know About Page Speed – While I do believe that we should get too worked about the so-called Page Load Speed Signal, it can never be a bad thing to keep an eye on from a usability perspective, never mind SEO. As such, this post on SEP is a worthy addition to this week’s edition.


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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Language and Semantics: What can you do for my search engine (and for me)? – Alt Search Engines
The Linguistics of Food – Lousy Linguist
Hybrid, not artificial, intelligence – Geeking with Greg
A machine learner’s apology – NLP’ers Blog
Yahoo on personalizing content and ads – Geeking with Greg
Search in Social Media – IR GUPF


Social Search

Collecta Widget Brings Real-Time Search Results To Any Site – SEL
Three Reasons Why Twitter’s New Streaming API Rocks – Alt Search Engines
Google Social Search Goes Live, Adds New Features – Search Engine Land
Scour Launches Local Social Search – Search Engine Watch


Local SEO


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Microsoft SEO toolkit (and two other resources) – Explicitly Me
 3 Tools to Export Microformats – Search Engine Journal
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Search Patents

/end SOSG session

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

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